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Towards a bio-based economy Sarah Nilsson Head of Sustainable Development Växjö, Sweden.

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1 Towards a bio-based economy Sarah Nilsson Head of Sustainable Development Växjö, Sweden

2 What is a bio-based economy, BBE? Some definitions … –In a bio-based economy, renewable resources is used to meet our environmental, consumer and industrial needs. –Renewable raw material is the base for production. –Agriculture and forestry will replace fossil fuels

3 Fossil Fuel Free Växjö | View of Växjö

4 Main reasons for introducing bioenergy in the 80´s  oil crisis – very expensive energy for inhabitants  renewable fuel  local and reliable supply  local jobs  income to local forest owners, saw mills and contractors  tax income to the municipality  transparency and democratic control of the energy system Outcome 2005  New jobs in the whole bio-energy chain  Domestic fuel makes the energy system less vulnerable  People get comfortable heat for low price  Companies have developed and export  The university has got a bio-energy centre  Environmental tourism and technical visits Fossil Fuel Free Växjö | waste material from forestry and the 104 MW co-generation power plant A Fossil Fuel Free Växjö

5 Energy supply in Växjö 2005

6 Energy efficient wooden houses

7 Sustainable city development – energy optimised wood houses Ecological –Energy efficient in an LCA perspective –Renewable and recyclable –Heating and electricity from waste Economy –Fast building process gives lower costs –Regional raw material that is refined regionally gives regional growth –Future oriented with regard to energy- and raw material prices Social –Cosy – low move rate –Regional work opportunities Municipal plan states: wood as building material, district heating and energy efficiency.

8 Fossil Fuel Free Växjö Fossil Fuel Free Växjö | Triple Helix A Public - Private co-operation - A win-win Co-operation Växjö City Industry Växjö University EU Sweden Funding Wood: bioenergy and building Total 150 environmental companies

9 One example: The Bioenergy Group Ltd It´s purpose is to promote the use of bioenergy and to initiate and support R&D within the area of bioenergy. Seven independent companies: ÅF VEAB SÅBI Södra Sydved Järnforsen Energi System FLK Alstom Power The Bioenergy Group supports the Bioenergy Center at the University of Växjö supports the professor in Bioenergy economically and co-operates with the Bioenergy Center in research projects.

10 Product development Fossil Fuel Free Växjö | Product development 20 years experience of most every piece of equipment needed for the whole bioenergy cycle

11 BBE in a global perspective A bio-based economy (BBE) is emerging, where renewable bio-resources are the feedstock. Growth 5-20% per year, world market year 2010 600 B Euro, (OEDC) Economic growth is not in opposition to environmental preservation and quality of life. Sweden showcase for decoupling. New bio-based economic opportunities are emerging rapidly in such sectors as health care, agri-food, forest products, chemicals, plastics, energy and environment. Bio-based products and processes are leading the way to a new industrial revolution like the fossil fuels did during the 2000th century? The bio-based economy is a key to sustainable development

12 Future products from the forest – biorefinery Vehicle fuel DME Gasification to synthesis gas District heating and power Sawmill and pulp Building material Cosmetics Packaging Antioxidantes Ash chemicals Biomass Paper

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