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Charlotte’s Web By: E.B. White Illustrated by: Garth Williams Belnap2100Final.

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1 Charlotte’s Web By: E.B. White Illustrated by: Garth Williams Belnap2100Final

2 Fiction or Non-Fiction Fiction (not real)Non-Fiction (real) Animal Communication Talk like humans.Animal sounds. Spider WebContains words.Orb (wheel-like). Communication Between Animals & Humans Can communicate with each other. Although some animals may follow human verbal instructions, they are not considered able to communicate with each other. ReadAnimals can read.Animals can not read.

3 Setting Where and when does the story take place? Is the setting important to the story? Could it have happened somewhere else? Could it have happened at another time?

4 Setting Maine farm barn animal pen spring county fair fairgrounds rides animal pens

5 Compare/Contrast farm animals neighbors far apart stores far away farm chores less traffic swim in brook neighbors close together stores close by more traffic swim in pools pets house chores yard work

6 Plot What is the story about? Sometimes called the storyline A brief explanation of the main story

7 Plot Wilbur learns that he is to end up on the dinner table for the holidays. His friend, Charlotte, comes up with a plan to save him. She does this by putting words in her web.

8 Point of View Who is telling the story? Third person point of view: Someone who is not in the story is telling the story (narrator). Uses he, she, they Omniscient Tells the reader about the feelings, thoughts, and actions of all the characters. Limited Omniscient Tells the reader about the feelings, thoughts, and actions of only one of the characters. Objective: Tells the reader what the narrator sees and hears from the perspective of one character. First person point of view: A character in the story is telling the story (narrator). Uses I, me, my, we The narrator and the reader learn what is happening at the same time.

9 Point of View Third Person Point of View Omniscient

10 Characters Who is the story about? People in the story. They do things. Things happen to them. Do not have to be human. Can be animals

11 Characters: Wilbur spring pig bashfulpolite sensitive runt friend

12 Characters: Charlotte A. Cavatica patient true friend near sighted spider intelligent eats insectsorb (wheel like) web caring

13 Characters: Fern Arable girl age 8 kind saves Wilbur from being killed when he was born becomes friends with Wilbur can hear the animals talk

14 Characters: Templeton rat lived under Wilbur’s trough greedy glutton selfish “packrat”

15 Characters: The Goose goose repeats words talks fast patient dedicated lays 8 eggs (7 hatch)

16 Characters: The Sheep sheep oldest animal wise good advice

17 Other Characters: Mr. Zuckerman Wilbur’s owner HenryFern's boy friend Lurvy Zuckerman’s hired man Mr. ArableFern’s father Mrs. ArableFern’s mother Avery Fern’s brother –age 10

18 Conflict/Resolution What problem is faced by the main character? What did he do to solve the problem? What was the result?

19 Conflict/Resolution Conflict (Problem) Resolution (What was done.) Result (Outcome) Wilbur was to be killed. Charlotte puts words in web. Wilbur is not killed, because the people now believe he is a special pig.

20 Charlotte’s Web Words

21 Friendship How did Fern demonstrate her friendship to Wilbur? saved him when he was a baby fed him played with him listened to him

22 Friendship How did Charlotte demonstrate her friendship to Wilbur? kept him company talked to him listened to him told him stories saved his life

23 Friendship How did Wilbur demonstrate his friendship to Charlotte? protected her listened to her tried to do as she asked took care of her egg sac took care of her babies

24 Charlotte's Web Awards Newberry Honor Book 1953 Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal 1970 Lewis Carroll Shelf Award Massachusetts Children's Book Award ALA Notable Children’s Book Massachusetts Children's Book Award Horn Book Fanfare

25 Other children’s books by E.B. White The Trumpet of the Swan Stuart Little

26 Other children’s books illustrated by Garth Williams Stuart Little Little House books The Family Under the Bridge Bedtime for Francis Ride a Purple Pelican Wait Til the Moon Is Full The Rabbits’ Wedding Beneath a Blue Umbrella Little Fur Family Over and Over The Gingerbread Rabbit Emmett’s Pig


28 Sources Book: White, E.B. “Charlotte’s Web.” New York: Harper Trophy, 1952. Online: abcteach.com Charlotte’s WebQuest'e%20Web.htm'e%20Web.htm Chieftan.com Emphasis Creative Harper Collins Children’s Books San Diego County Office of Education Emphasis Creative

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