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Keep fit and healthy!.

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1 Keep fit and healthy!

2 Everybody wants to look good, be healthy, keep fit and smell nice!

3 Here are some tips on hygiene, sports and food , to help you look good and feel comfortable with your body. There are a few simple and basic things you need to know about taking good care of your body. For example as you reach puberty you will start to perspire more and hair will start to grow under your arms and around your genitals to absorb sweat Daily bathing will keep you clean and smelling nice.

4 Here are some tips for both boys and girls
Here are some tips for both boys and girls! Your hands;Always wash your hands after using the toilet and before and after eating or preparing food. Keep your nails clean by keeping them short.

5 Your Body ; Bathe your body with soap and a small amount of water every day, paying attention to under your arms and your private parts. It's a good idea to avoid sharing towels with other family members or your friends as these can pass on infections from one person to another.

6 Your Skin If you have dry skin, you can rub in some Vaseline, mineral oil, cocoa butter or other lotion. * Lotions put on just after bathing, help to keep moisture in your skin. * If you suffer from pimples, this is temporary. Pimples are much more noticeable to you than they are to anyone else. Keeping your skin clean with water and a mild bathing soap is the best solution. Also avoid greasy foods.

7 Your Teeth Brush your teeth at least twice a day: after breakfast and before going to sleep for healthy teeth and nice smelling breath.

8 Here are some special tips for girls:

9 Your Private parts; * Girls need to clean the outside of their vagina; soap and water are perfect. You don't need to wash the inside, as the vagina cleans itself. * You should not use strong antiseptic soaps or deodorants in the genital area. These cause irritation and can kill useful bacteria that live in the vagina which help protect against infections. * After washing, always dry yourself and put on clean cotton panties.

10 Your periods Menstrual blood itself is clean. But once the blood leaves the body, bacteria can grow in it, causing it to smell. This is why good hygiene is especially important when you're having your period. Keep track of when your periods are due, so you aren't caught by surprise. You can use clean rags, toilet paper, pads or tampons. Any of these are fine so long as you change them regularly and you wash your hands before and after.

11 Guys, here are some tips:
Your Private parts; It is important to wash and clean the penis every day - just as you do every other part of your body. Also wash the rest of your private parts. Boys who are not circumcised, need to pull back the fore- skin and gently clean away the smegma, that gathers there and causes smells.

12 How about your hygiene. Are you fresh and really well
How about your hygiene? Are you fresh and really well? What can you improve?

13 Do you still have some questions. If you already know enough
Do you still have some questions?If you already know enough. that's great. If not, you can alwaysask your older sister or brother, your auntie or parents, anyone you trust and respect.You can also check this website: Straight Talk magazine.

14 Eating Well!

15 Good food is essential for young people like us to have good health and feel well. Check out what good food is !You know, some young people think they eat well but actually don't.

16 Let's look at the facts.....

17 There are three basic types of food that your body needs:
Energy-giving foods. These are staple foods, such as maize meal, cassava, potatoes, bread, rice, millet and sorghum. Vitamins and minerals. These are found in most vegetables and fruits.3. Protein. Found in foods like peas, beans, meat, chicken, fish, eggs and milk.

18 Keeping fit.... Exercise is the key to feeling well. If you're out and busy, your body will feel well and so will you. Make sure you get enough exercise!

19 Keeping fit.... Exercise is the key to feeling well. If you're out and busy, your body will feel well and so will you. Make sure you get enough exercise!

20 Keeping fit.... Exercise strengthens your heart, lungs and other muscles, keeps you fit and lifts your spirit. Exercise will help make you as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. Lots of walking is a great form of exercise. If you find you're sitting around too much, take a walk, play football, netball or volleyball, you can even offer to do some work in the compound. Sports are great for developing team work and self confidence too. While helping out at home will improve your relationship with your parents.

21 Keeping fit.... With all that exercise, you'll need your sleep. Give your body a chance to rest. Around 8 hours per night is the best.

22 Are your food habits well?Do you exercise a lot?Do you sleep enough?

23 Be healthy, keep fit, smell nice

24 The end

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