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Build your Android App with Gradle Android new build system.

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1 Build your Android App with Gradle Android new build system

2 Agenda What is Gradle Getting started with gradle Use cases Q&A

3 Download Meetup Sample Code –

4 What is gradle Gradle is a JVM based project build automation tool that builds upon the concepts of Apache Ant and Apache Maven and introduces a Groovy based domain-specific-language (DSL) instead of the more traditional XML form of declaring the project configuration.

5 Installation Download the latest android plugin supported Gradle version Extract the downloaded zip “” to any directory Configure the GRADLE_HOME environment variable set GRADLE_HOME= \gradle-1.10 set PATH=%PATH%\%GRADLE_HOME%\bin C:\> gradle

6 Gradle Task C:\> gradle tasks Applying the plugin’s to the build file will automatically add set of build task to run assemble The task to assemble the output(s) of the project check The task to run all the checks. build This task does both assemble and check clean This task cleans the output of the project

7 Build File Skeleton buildscript { repositories { mavenCentral() } dependencies { classpath '' } apply plugin: 'android' android { buildToolsVersion "19.0.1" compileSdkVersion 19 }

8 Gradle Wrapper C:\> gradle wrapper task wrapper(type: Wrapper) { gradleVersion = '1.10‘ } / └── gradlew └── gradlew.bat └── gradle └── wrapper └── gradle-wrapper.jar └──

9 Convention Over Configuration src └── main l└── java l └── instrumentTest └── java sourceSets { main{ manifest.srcFile 'AndroidManifest.xml' java.srcDirs = ['src'] resources.srcDirs = ['src'] res.srcDirs = ['res'] assets.srcDirs = ['assets'] } instrumentTest.setRoot('tests') }

10 Usecase : 1 I have project with multiple library projects, one of which is required to be shared with one of my colleague who's working in a another project.

11 Dependency Management dependencies DSL element is part of the standard Gradle Can add dependencies on local and remote libraries To add a dependency have to provide library on the compile configuration under dependencies DSL Everything added to the compile configuration get packaged in to the final APK Gradle will follow all dependencies transitively

12 Dependencies On Multiple Projects Each projects will have its own build.gradle declaring how it gets built There will be a file called settings.gradle at the root, which define which folder is a Gradle project If there are more than one library, importing order should be considered on dependencies on each other

13 Publish Library To Artifact Repo Publish artifacts to local artifact repository Maven Central  Proper release and snapshot release management

14 Usecase :2 I want to make a digitally signed and secured release version of my app

15 Build types This is achieved by buildTypes DSL By default, the android plugin automatically sets up the project to build both a debug and a release version of the application Difference is that the ability to enable debug and how the APK is signed It allows to customize both debug and release versions, as well as creating other build types

16 Build Types… Build Types can contribute to the build with code and resources. For each Build Type, a new matching sourceSet is created, under src directory src/ / This means the Build Type names cannot be main or instrumentTest

17 Signing APK Android system will not install or run an application that is not signed appropriately. To sign an APK have to make use of signingConfigs DSL

18 Obfuscating Tool ProGuard is used automatically to obfuscate the APK It will rename classes, fields, and methods with semantically obscure names to make it difficult to reverse engineer. Android plugin support proguard version is 4.10 ProGuard will shrinks, optimizes, and remove unused code which will result smaller APK

19 Usecase : 3 I want to make a free version of my application with less features and commercial version with all features.

20 Build Variants – Different versions of the same application or Same application packaged differently or combination of both. Have to occupy productFlavors DSL Build Type + Product Flavor = Build Variant Product flavor will generate APK’s for all possible combinations of Build Types and Product Flavors

21 Usecase : 4 I want to unit test my project with a testing framework,

22 Testing No need to have a separate test project any more it is integrated to the application project Default location for the instrument test cases are located in src/instrumentTest Test APK is built to test the app under test using the Android instrumentation framework No need to have a AndroidManifest.xml for the app, cause it will get generated automatically Test app manifest is automatically get filled with the package name and the instrument test runner

23 Usecase : 5 I want to measure the quality of my source code continuously with some quality tools by Integrate it with a Continuous Integration System

24 Q&A

25 Thank you

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