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Retail Market Subcommittee Update to TAC February 5, 2004.

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1 Retail Market Subcommittee Update to TAC February 5, 2004

2 Retail Market Guide Revision Request –Retail market implemented ad hoc contingency work-around processes to ensure timely electric service (safety net move-in) –Transaction Improvement Task Force established and documented consistent market-wide process (procedures, data fields/format, timelines, etc.) –RMS approved the task force process on September 26, 2003; approved Retail Market Guide change on January 14, 2004 –RMS requests TAC endorsement of RMS approval of Retail Market Guide revision 2004-001

3 Competitive Metering Guides Revision Request –Competitive Metering Guides originally developed with boxed language based on pending decision at PUCT related to standard terms and conditions for retail delivery service –TAC approved Competitive Metering Guides (without boxed language) on December 4, 2003 –PUCT approved revised terms and conditions to accommodate competitive metering rule –CMGRR 2004-1, approved by RMS on January 14, 2004, updates CMG to reflect PUCT ruling, adds language to clarify when TDSP can remove a competitively owned meter and cleans up format and capitalization –RMS requests TAC endorsement of RMS approved CMGRR 2004-1

4 True-Up Settlement Statements for 2003 –ERCOT initially determined that complete SCR 727 data was provided to market as of January 1, 2004 and that 2003 true-up settlement statements would begin May 1, 2004 –Market notices were issued after January 1, 2004 communicating extract processing issues –Two daily extract files posted out of order –Change in decimal precision of specific records –Data fields incorrectly formatted –Incomplete daily extract files for some market participants (on two days) –RMS membership took issue with ERCOT determination; assessed impact of issues as at least 2 weeks; recommends to TAC that 2003 settlement statements should begin June 1, 2004; ERCOT now agrees with RMS recommendation

5 Load Profile Guide Revision Request –Section 12 of the Load Profiling Guides (Requests for Profile Segment Changes, Additions or Removals) needs to be revised: –to accommodate PRR442 (Profile Development Cost Recovery Fee, approved by TAC on September 4, 2003), –to accommodate PRR 478 (Use of Lagged Dynamic Samples, approved by TAC today) and –to improve quality assurance for application of new profile segments –LPGRR 2003-004 was approved by RMS on November 13, 2003 –RMS requests TAC endorsement of RMS approved LPGRR 2003-004

6 Cancel by Customer Objection Clean-up –Clean-up of situations impacted by ERCOT processing of cancel by customer objection transactions (814_08) –RMS presentation to TAC on January 8, 2004 suggested that TAC would determine proper CR-customer association –Each retailer has been contacted to determine whether or not the issues are truly intractable –As of February 4, 2004, 3 FasTrak issues, involving 4 ESIs and 6 retailers remained in progress –Recommendation of current RMS chair is that market participants who are involved in intractable situations are left to existing process and regulatory remedies for resolving market participant disagreements and further action by RMS, TAC and ERCOT is not warranted

7 Attachments –Retail Market Guide revision 2004-001 –CMGRR 2004-1 –ERCOT Board Resolution on True-Ups –LPGRR 2003-004

8 Board Resolution on True-Ups All true-ups for 2003 shall be delayed until market participants have a reasonable amount of time to load complete data extracts and analyze the data, and sufficient time to process any alleged variances as follows: (1)2003 True-Up Settlement Statements will begin no earlier than 120 days from the date that ERCOT provides the first complete SCR 727 data extracts related to 2003 to market participants, as determined by ERCOT, and (2)alleged data variances indicated in the extracts affecting 2003 True- Up Settlement Statements must be submitted to ERCOT in chronological order beginning 90 days from the date that ERCOT provides the first extract related to 2003.

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