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Emerging Global Careers

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1 Emerging Global Careers
By Abbas Mazhar Hussain Peti Wala Senior HR Consultant DICETEK Dubai, UAE.

2 Global Economic Conditions and Job Markets
The global financial crisis has completely reshaped the labor market landscape for employees and job seekers. As an employee/ job seeker, you now have to work harder than ever before to be successful in your job and job searches. (Highly Competitive Global job market)

3 A Good Education is a Strong Foundation
Experience is more important than education. That’s not really true!!! For a strong foundation, a Bachelors degree is now considered the bare minimum. In a post global financial crisis world, you have lesser choices in determining the direction of your career. “STAY FOCUSED”

4 Become a Must Have As an employee/job seeker justify your job by providing employers with the best value you can. You need to let them know that you are a must have. Give employers more of the desirables than essentials.

5 Solve Problems to Increase Your Employability
Being a problem solver is what really being creative and adding value really means. Identify what problems the company faces, look out for trends, make improvements that contribute to efficiency and productivity. Become known for at least one area of expertise, and let that become part of your brand. Get yourself online – embrace social media as much as you possibly can.

6 Jobs in demand Sales and Marketing:
This sector will always have a place for professionals who have skills in sales and marketing, even during crisis times. In addition to the basic salary, you will also have other benefits and various bonuses based on your performance.

7 Jobs in demand Information Technology:
Today, organizations depend on technology more than ever. Jobs in the IT sector are also among the highest paid and the demand for capable IT specialists is growing. The IT Job categories that are in great demand at the moment are: Systems or Network Administrator, Analyst, Architect, Chief Information Officer, Consultant, Programmer and Web Designer.

8 Jobs in demand Health Care and Medical:
Careers in this sector are unlimited. Regardless of what happens to the global economy, health care and medical social workers are always in demand. People will never stop to seek medical help. Health care and social assistance workers are increasingly needed everywhere. All the hospitals for example need doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists. The highest paid workers come from this sector.

9 Jobs in demand Finance and Accounting :
Businesses always require professionals that will take care of their financial and accounting needs. These professionals help companies in tax formalities, maintaining cash flows, support in making investment decisions, assist in determining the company’s cost, capital gains, and so on.

10 Jobs in demand Oil and Gas Sector:
Huge chunk of people required to work in this industry are not highly skilled or highly qualified and they can find good jobs in these industries. E.g. Electrical & Mechanical Technicians, Machine Operators, Welders, Helpers etc. People who are highly skilled and belong to oil and petroleum backgrounds are also offered good job profiles in varied management positions like the supervisors, contractors, researchers and many more.

11 Jobs in demand Tourism & Hospitality:
The other most revenue generating and highly paid sector in most of the countries is tourism & hospitality sector. People who are having some background in the hospitality industry can find the best deals globally. One can look for opportunities of being a Chef, Front Office, Guest Relations, Event Management, Business Development, Food & Beverage Management etc.

12 Jobs in demand Management positions:
Businesses have a huge need for many trained professionals and as these are in great shortage in the region at this time, they turn toward the more qualified foreigners. The typical positions which seem to have maximum opportunities start right from: Receptionists/Secretaries, Telesales/Telemarketing, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing Executives, HR & Administration Procurement/ Supply Chain Advertising/Marketing Junior and Middle level Management positions across all functional areas.

13 Conclusion The existing job market globally is very competitive. “Survival of the fittest” Education, either vocational or conventional, is a must to stand-up and survive in the competition. Stay focused with your career choice.

14 Thank you!!!

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