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Brigita Peklaj Gimnazija Šentvid 3C: 16September 2009.

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1 Brigita Peklaj Gimnazija Šentvid 3C: 16September 2009


3 someone who comes to live in a country from another country There has been a rise in the number of immigrants coming from Eastern Europe, especially Poland.

4 someone who lives in a country that is not their own country Prague has a large population of American expatriates.

5  expat chooses to work abroad in a good position to fulfil his expectations and follow his professional career: has a special status and privilege of work generally from the Western World: Europeans, Americans, Australians and Japanese abroad  immigrant is often forced away from home by poverty and need; doesn’t see any other way out of his condition generally from poor countries: Latinos, East Europeans, Arabs, Africans and Asians

6 someone who enters a country illegally, or stays for a longer time than they are legally allowed

7 someone who leaves their country, especially during a war or other threatening event Thousands of refugees have entered the camps along the borders in recent days.

8 someone who has to leave their own country because they are in danger and who arrives in another country and asks to be allowed to live there

9  refugee asylum seekers are allowed to stay in a country if they are granted refugee status Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Congo  asylum seeker war natural disasters political reasons dissident: someone who disagrees publicly with a government, especially in a country where this is not allowed


11  marriage  adoption  sponsoring a relative accepting responsibility for someone’s actions or financial situation We sponsored a family who came from India.

12  Temporary residency  Permanent residency or citizenship

13 immigrantcountry Getting a job Taxes They do jobs other people don’t want  New language Missing family Doing bad jobs  Protests, not enough jobs for everyone

14 immigrantcountry Meet new people New culture Learn a language New energy Diversity  Homesick Recognition of your degree can be a problem Much more expensive  Brain drain Higher rents

15 immigrantcountry Cheaper No obligations Better climate Settle in deserted houses in the countryside Extra money  New language New people Hard to return if you change your mind Away from your family  Higher house prices Health expenses Don’t integrate

16 immigrantcountry Meet new people New chance Better job More workers  Language Knowing no one Raising your child in a different environment  Less jobs for the locals Getting married just to get citizenship

17 immigrantcountry Hope for a better life New job Education Escape from danger More workers More taxpayers  Can get sent back New language Not enough rights Can’t get jobs that match their education  Low education level More problems in schools Ghettos Violence, crime

18 immigrantcountry Getting a job A better life Higher standard Follow their dreams Higher consumption  No rights, not registered New culture, new language The dream of a better life isn’t true No health insurance A worse standard of life  Don’t pay taxes More crime

19 immigrantcountry Better living conditions for people coming from former Yugoslavia Beautiful landscape Low paid workforce Diversity Population increase  Discrimination, nationalism radical and otherwise Difficult language Hard to get a good job if you don’t speak the language well  Don’t learn the language Don’t respect the laws

20 immigrantcountry Live, work, study anywhere on equal terms in theory Get a better job More workers, cheap labour  Still difficult to get a good job, technicalities  Brain drain, different standards of education Losing the young population



23 Studying in Canada Links University QUEBEC AND CANADIAN STUDENTS [1] [1] Quebec students$13,168$13,868 - $18,268 Other Canadian Students$16,918$17,618 - $22,118 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Off CampusOn Campus Tuition fees* (based on 30 credits)$14,000 - $23,000 Mandatory health insurance (single coverage) $639 Immigration fees$225 Ancillary fees**$1,500 Books and Supplies$1,000 Lodging (8 months)$4,400$7,500 - $12,000 Food (8 months)$2,400included in Lodging Other expenses$2,000 Total$26,164 -$35,165$26,864 - $40,364 [1] [1]

24 General information about immigration in Canada  University   


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