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How to get a job Chapter 16 Test Wednesday 04/18/2012.

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1 How to get a job Chapter 16 Test Wednesday 04/18/2012

2 A well-organized collection of materials that supports a job applicant’s application Personal Fact Sheet PortfolioResume Job Application form Job Objective

3 Employers use this to screen job applicants, so it must be filled out completely and accurately. Personal fact sheet Resume Portfolio Reference Job Application form

4 A brief history of a person’s education, work experience, and other qualifications for employment Resume Personal Fact Sheet Job Application form Portfolio Job Objective

5 The first heading in a resume that gives employers an idea of the type of job for which the person is applying Personal Fact Sheet Reference Job Objective Job Application Form Portfolio

6 A person who knows the job applicant well and could discuss personal and job qualifications with an employer Personal Fact Sheet Resume Job Objective Reference Portfolio

7 A letter written to an employer to apply for a job Personal Fact Sheet Reference Resume Job Application form Letter of Application

8 Talking with people and establishing relationships that can lead to more information or business Personal Fact sheet Reference Resume Networking Job Application form

9 The first thing to do when filling out a job application form is Mark out items that do not apply Read the entire form carefully Print your name Print your address Print your reference information

10 Before registering with a private employment agency, be sure to… Ask for opinions of the school counselor Have enough money to pay the fee Fill out a job application Prepare a resume

11 In the employment history section on a job application, do not write Part-time jobs The present job Negative comments about former job A job that ended in a firing Full time jobs

12 TRUE OR FALSE Job offers won’t come to job seekers; they have to go and find the jobs. True

13 TRUE OR FALSE Competition is often stiff for good jobs. True

14 TRUE OR FALSE The federal government has established public employment in every state True

15 Reading a resume is a quick and easy way for an employer to learn about an applicant True TRUE OR FALSE

16 TRUE OR FALSE A person should not list part-time jobs or volunteer work on their resume False

17 TRUE OR FALSE Resumes must look professional and be free of errors True

18 TRUE OR FALSE For most entry-level jobs, the job seeker is usually not expected to pay the fee at a private employment agency False

19 True or False One of the worst ways to find job openings is to contact employers directly False

20 True or False A job application that is incomplete, difficult to read, or smudged with dirt may not make it beyond the first screening True

21 TRUE OR FALSE The more sources a job seeker uses, the more job openings he or she is likely to find True

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