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Opportunities for All: why a quasi market needs Access and Equity programs to be most effective.

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1 Opportunities for All: why a quasi market needs Access and Equity programs to be most effective

2 Introduction Victoria’s demand driven training system Victoria’s Access and Equity grant program 2011 recipients Two case studies Moving ahead in next 12 months

3 The Victorian demand-driven training system is more responsive to individuals and industry and regions Industry & Business influence student choice Industry & Business engage with providers directly Eligible Students have a personal entitlement to subsidised training to use at provider of choice Government Funds student entitlement Facilitates industry involvement Regulates training providers

4 Government funded VET students by equity group


6 Finding pathways for hard to reach learners Skills Victoria (Government) ACEVETHEI Individuals Business Industry Community Providers Strong connections Partnership approach - Wrap around support service delivery increasing engagement Collaborate- building on and up the value chain Through VTG providing opportunities - “ready” workforce through training and development Opportunities for innovations to meet needs of the knowledge economy Strengthening partnerships amongst ourselves.

7 Supporting capacity of the training market to address barriers Market Knowledge: Understanding the market Market Facilitating: Building capacity and capability 3 Key Factors: “Partnership”, “Sustainability” and “Innovation”

8 Access and Equity Programs Program NameLead ApplicantTypeCohortLocation Learning Communities: An Indigenous Partnership Model Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) TAFEIndigenousMetro – northern Pathways to Participation (PTP) Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Inc. (Asylum Seeker Resource Centre) Community Service Organisation (CSO) RefugeeMetro – northern 6 Steps to EmploymentContinuing Education Bendigo Registered Training Organisation (RTO) DisabilityBendigo E3 = Engagement2 Education2 Employment Anchor Inc. (Anchor)Community Service Organisation (CSO) Young people at risk of homelessness Metro – outer east My Life; My VET PathwayUniversity of Ballarat (Technical Education Centre) (UBTEC) TAFEYoung people living in and out of homecare Ballarat Transitions: Partnerships in Supported Learning Hanover Welfare Services Community Service Organisation (CSO) HomelessMetro – Inner

9 Hanover Welfare Services ‘Transitions: Partnerships in Supported Learning Model’ Partnership between Hanover Welfare Services and the Centre for Adult Education (CAE) 20 Hanover clients to participate in pre-accredited and accredited training.

10 Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Inc ‘Pathways to Participation’ model Through Pathways to Participation ASRC is working with training providers and employers to develop effective systems to overcome these barriers and increase engagement in education through to employment for this vulnerable group ESL Material Aid Counsell -ing Case- work Mentor- ing Legal Health Housing

11 Elements of an effective service delivery model for disadvantaged learners Working together: Developing deliverables (clear, measurable) Evaluation - Identify common features and models that underpin effective delivery to disadvantaged learners and assistance to support outcomes.

12 Moving ahead in next 12 months Evaluation analysis will contribute to making Victoria’s demand driven system one that delivers exceptional results for disadvantage learners and business which in turn means stronger employment options for learners. By embedding ‘responsiveness’ more firmly in the market’s DNA we will demonstrate adaptability and effective models that thrive as the system evolves.


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