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Refugees and Asylum Seekers Introduction

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1 Refugees and Asylum Seekers Introduction

2 What is a refugee A refugee is someone who has been forced to leave their country. They may have been persecuted or have a 'well-founded fear of being persecuted' because of their race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion.

3 What is an asylum seeker? An asylum seeker is a person who has applied for legal recognition as a refugee in another country and is waiting for a decision on their application.

4 What does asylum mean? Asylum means a secure place of refuge, shelter, or retreat.

5 Who Has the Right to Seek Asylum? Everyone has the right to seek asylum. This is a important human right stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Who cannot get asylum in Britain? People who have been involved in war crimes, crimes against peace, serious non- political crimes and crimes against humanity.

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7 Facts and Figures 10% of applicants in the UK were granted asylum in 2002. In 2002 the top five nationalities applying for asylum in the were Iraq (14,940), Zimbabwe (7,695), Afghanistan (7,380), Somalia (6,680) and China (3,735). The country that receives the most number of refugees in the world is Pakistan. Pakistan (2,199,379), Iran (1,868,011) and Afghanistan (1,226,098) hosted the most refugees in 2001.

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