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“If you FAIL to plan, you PLAN to fail” 2012-2013 CDCKI Membership Development and Education Committee.

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1 “If you FAIL to plan, you PLAN to fail” 2012-2013 CDCKI Membership Development and Education Committee

2  Guide board officers in setting/executing/evaluating club goals  Recognize member strengths, interests and appoint chairs  Recognize member accomplishments and club/campus achievements  Be educated about Circle K International  Educate members about the opportunities available through the Kiwanis Family  Preside at and plan agendas all club and board meetings  Attend committee meetings and Kiwanis club meetings

3  Represent the club and its views at district, divisional, international events  Participate in club service projects, inter-clubs and social activities  Communicate club progress to Kiwanis club and district  Monitor the activities and provide guidance to all officers and committee chairs  Motivate club members to participate  Establish a climate of enthusiasm, openness and concern  Coordinate officer elections  Assist in training incoming officers

4 1. Search out challenging opportunities to change, grow, innovate, and improve 2. Experiment, take risks, and learn from the accompanying mistakes. 3. Envision an uplifting and ennobling future 4. Enlist others in a common vision by appealing to their values, interests, hopes, and dreams. 5. Foster collaboration by promoting cooperative goals

5 6. Strengthen people by giving power away, providing choice, developing competence, assigning critical tasks, and offering visible support. 7. Set the example by behaving in ways that are consistent with shared values. 8. Achieve small wins that promote consistent progress and build commitment. 9. Recognize individual contributions to the success of every project. 10. Celebrate team accomplishments regularly

6  Allows a better understanding of the team‘s purpose  Increased communication among team members about things affecting the group  The ability to use conflict positively  More effectiveness in working through team problems  Greater collaboration among team members with less competition  A sense of interdependence among team members  Greater chances for success and group and individual rewards

7  Specific  Measurable  Attainable  Realistic  Time-Oriented

8  Increase the size of the club by 5 dues- paid members each semester  Submit articles to The Capital Courier  Have an interclub  Send at least 6 people to 2012 DCON  Raise a total of $500 for the club’s account

9  Set goals for meeting and prepare an agenda  Arrange all logistics (meeting place, time, equipment, early enough to set up, etc)  Send announcements, invitations, reminders for meeting (guests, do this early)  Be courteous, respectful and inclusive (Start/Finish on time, Do ice breakers, engage all members)  Bring closure (Summarize main points, plan and announce next meeting)

10  Have an agenda (meeting objectives, have a reasonable estimated time for discussion)  Don’t plan too much (Decide how much you expect to accomplish, No more than 3 hours or schedule breaks)  Prepare written objectives and brief Board members before meeting (Have to do list for Board of Officers- Treasurer brings list of Fundraising ideas w/tentative dates)  Keep on Task  Engage all Board Members (Have them give reports)

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