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Collaborative Leadership and You!

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1 Collaborative Leadership and You!
Dr. Susan Camarena Chief Knowledge and Learning Officer Federal Transit Administration

2 (this morning, very early!)
What We’re Talking About Today (this morning, very early!) A little about Hispanics in Transportation (HIT) Why this Topic? A little about me Defining Collaboration and Leadership Traits of Collaborative Leaders Collaborative Framework Barriers to Collaboration Looking in the Mirror Discussing our Reflections Summary and Questions This is an interactive session!

3 The professional forum for communicating to the Secretary of Transportation the interests, issues or concerns of the Hispanic workforce within DOT to aid in advancing the DOT diversity agenda. Promotes diversity and cultural awareness; promotes the exchange of ideas; and provides advocacy and support for its members as they seek professional development and growth opportunities within the DOT. Focuses on the professional development and retention of the current Hispanic DOT population, and the recruitment of qualified Hispanics for DOT agencies. THANKS TO YOU!

4 Let’s relearn it together! We can learn from each other!
Why This Topic? We, not me Making a Difference Sustainable Change NOTHING NEW HERE! Let’s relearn it together! We can learn from each other!

5 A Little About Me Chief Knowledge and Learning Officer
Promote techniques that Avoid “Reinventing the Wheel” Encourage knowledge exchange to learn Provides professional and personal development Encourages employee engagement Collaboration is key to new ideas and success Connecting and sharing for new ideas

6 Knowledge Management in Action Practical Application of Best Practices
The Far Side © cartoon and my heading as displayed outside my office

7© poster displayed in my office

8 Collaboration Defined
* Collaboration Defined Working with each other to do a task and to achieve shared goals. Sharing knowledge, learning & building consensus. Teams that work collaboratively can obtain greater resources, recognition and reward when facing competition for finite resources. Most collaboration requires leadership * Wikipedia

9 Leadership Defined * A process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task. Organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal. A leader is simply somebody people follow, or somebody who guides or directs others. * Wikipedia

10 Taking a deeper dive

11 Seven Key Collaboration Factors
A shared, specific interest or purpose they are committed to and cannot achieve on their own (or as well). WANT to pursue a collaborative solution now and are willing to contribute something to the effort. The appropriate people are at the table. There is an open, credible process. There is a passionate champion (or champions) with credibility and clout. There are trusting relationships. The partners use the skills of collaborative leadership.

12 Collaborative Leadership
The Collaboration Framework Appropriate People Champion High Priority Collaborative Leadership Relationships Shared Goals Open Process

13 Five Qualities of Collaborative Leaders
Feel driven to achieve the goal through collaboration with a measured ego. Listen carefully to understand other’s perspectives. Look for win-win solutions to meet shared interests. Use pull more than push. Think strategically; connect the project to a larger purpose.

14 Barriers to Collaboration
Ego Concern that exchange won’t be reciprocal Silo Mentality Different goals Lack of time No perceived reward for collaboration Power Imbalances Lack of resources or competition for resources Lack of trust or history of antagonism Different Cultures Fear of losing control, autonomy, mission, resources, quality Turf

15 Looking in the Mirror What are the most challenging aspects of collaboration for you? For your agency? What are your strengths as a collaborative leader? What would you like to improve? How do others view your collaborative interests and abilities? How do you want them to view them? For a project or for your work group: what would help your collaborative team move from being a set of individuals to having a team identity? That is, from me to we? What can you do today to use collaboration skills daily? At this conference, work or home?

16 Collaborative Framework
Collaborative Leadership Traits Collaboration Barriers

17 Discussing Our Reflections

18 Questions or Comments Contact Information 18

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