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Creating the Constitution

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1 Creating the Constitution

2 Framers 1787, 55 delegates attend a convention
Group will be known as the framers of our constitution Many served on the congresses, confederation or fought in the revolutionary war Jefferson, Adams, Paine, Hancock, Lee were not there

3 George Washington was elected president of the convention
Majority of the states would have to be there to conduct business Each state was given one vote

4 To avoid outside pressures they kept it secret
Most of what is known comes from James Madison’s notes Also known as the “father of the constitution” They knew they were forming a new government so they threw out the articles of confederation Resolved to have a supreme legislative, executive and judiciary

5 Virginia Plan Largely the work of Madison Three separate branches
With checks and balances Legislative would be bicameral Representation based on population or amount of money contributed House elected by citizens Senate appointed by the House

6 New Jersey Plan Major issues of how do should states be represented
Unicameral congress, each state equally represented Federal executive to oversee government Major issues of how do should states be represented Large states could overrule, small states lose their interests

7 Connecticut Compromise
Congress made up of two houses Smaller one, Senate all will be equal Larger one, House based on population Next questions, should slaves be counted in population? 3/5ths compromise – free persons should be counted, and 3/5ths of other persons

8 Compromise Congress needed the power to regulate trade and commerce
Southern fear of shutting down the slave trade Commerce and Slave Trade Compromise – congress was forbidden from taxing goods from any state

9 “Much time was spent sawing boards to make them fit” - Benjamin Franklin
13 colonies, different nationalities, ideas… Many, many disputes and arguments over all issues of government

10 Sources of the Constitution
Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Great Britain, own experiences and literature of the time September 17th the convention approved the constitution “…But now at length I have the happiness to know that it is a rising and not a setting sun.” - James Madison - our 4th President

11 Articles of Confederation vs. United States Constitution

12 Articles Of Confederation
1777 U.S. Constitution 1787 President No President President – elected by the people Congress Ruled Country Each state had 1 vote 2 Houses – Create Laws House of Representatives Senate Court System No Court System Federal Court System State Court System Local Court System Printing Money Each state printed their own money Only the Federal government could print money Good Thing Northwest Ordinance how territories became states Lasted over 200 years and still going strong Only 7,000 words

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