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B ASIC P RODUCT M AINTENANCE Presenter: Bev Donnelly Recorded: February 2013 Skill Builders.

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1 B ASIC P RODUCT M AINTENANCE Presenter: Bev Donnelly Recorded: February 2013 Skill Builders

2 Overview This is one in a series of recordings to help users build the skill sets needed to use GenWeb. This presentation covers the basic steps for entering new products in GenWeb. Attendees should already be familiar with the basic navigational features of GenWeb. In-depth, hands-on training sessions are available for all GenWeb modules. During these sessions a trainer will walk you through the program applications, using your company’s database. Please contact us at to obtain a price quote and schedule a training Manufacturer information must be defined in GenWeb before any products can be entered. Many fields within the Product windows will default based on Manufacturer Maintenance As you view this recording, please remember that product requirements often vary based on your company’s unique individual needs, as well as the needs of each manufacturer. 2

3 Accessing Product Entry 3 From the GenWeb Standard Menu, choose Maintenance, then Product, then Enter/Modify. If you will use this program on a frequent basis, we would suggest putting it on your Favorites menu The application will open in a separate window

4 Entering a New Product 4 Click Add (or type Alt + A) to switch GenWeb to Add Mode  Mode  Tabs The Product Definitions window opens in Find Mode, and the Main tab is displayed. 1.Click Add (ALT + A) to enter a new product 2.Fill out the required information on the Main tab 3.If needed, enter additional information on the remaining tabs 4.Click Apply (ALT + Y) to save

5 Main Tab - General Information Product - the case code (maximum 8 characters; no spaces or special characters). This is a mandatory entry. Manufacturers Internal Item Code – This is an optional field that accommodates up to 14 characters, and may include spaces and special characters. NOTE: Both codes are recognized within the Order Processing program, and can be transmitted on orders as needed. Manufacturer UPC – auto-populates based on what is set in Manufacturer Maintenance, but can be overridden if needed Enter the Manufacturer ID and Product code. Verify the Manufacturer UPC – change if needed Enter Packed Size and Product Description Other fields may be filled as needed 5

6 Main Tab - Product Measurements 6 YesNo Is the manufacturer’s minimum order requirement based on any of these values? Applicable fields must be filled Fields are not required, but may be filled for internal reference purposes Are price brackets based on these values?Applicable fields must be filled Are commissions based on any of these values?Applicable fields must be filled Is the product priced by the pound?Weight must be filled Do products need to be ordered in equal layer/pallet quantity? 66 The requirements for these fields will vary, based on the manufacturer. Below are several things to consider with regard to Product Measurements

7 Main Tab - Reporting Information Division for Sales –Auto populates based on what is set up in Manufacturer Maintenance, but can be overridden. This is a mandatory field. Primary Product Group/Category – Defaults to 99999 (Miscellaneous), but should be changed if product groups have been defined for the manufacturer. This is a mandatory field. Secondary Product Group/Category – This is an optional field. If filled, the product can be pulled on sales reports under either the primary or secondary assignment. Number of Units per Case – if filled, this value enables the system to calculate unit cost for reports and bulletins. The requirements for these fields will vary based on your company’s internal reporting needs and the unique needs of each manufacturer. 7

8 Detail Tab - Order Related 8 Price Item By Lbs – this field should only be filled if the product is ordered by the case, but priced by the net or gross pound. Equal Layers or Pallets – This field is only needed if the manufacturer requires this product to be ordered in equal layer or pallet quantity. NOTE: The equal layer/pallet flag may be defined at the manufacturer level, and exceptions made at the product level as needed.

9 Detail Tab – EDI Information A valid Full UPC (12 digits) or GTIN (14 digits) is mandatory for any product that will be sent or received on EDI orders. NOTE: GenWeb auto-populates the Full UPC field by combining the information in the Manufacturers UPC and Product Code fields on the Main tab. This should be overriden if needed. Based on the requirements of your specific EDI partners, additional fields such as EDI Packed, Size and UOM may need to be filled. 9

10 Pricing Tab 10 Bracket Header / Details and base commission rates are defined in Manufacturer Maintenance. Branch/Division - type the applicable ID’s in the Header line, or click Find to open a lookup and select from the list Date Type - the Date Type will default based on what is set in Manufacturer Maintenance. Start Date – The effective date of the price (can be in the future). Pickup Amt – the price used for pickup orders Bracket Prices – enter the individual bracket prices in the Detail area. C-Rate/Basis/UOM – these fields should only be filled if the commission rate for this product is different from the base rate entered at the Manufacturer level. Update Pricing – When all bracket prices have been entered, press this button to lock in the prices  BRACKET HEADER  BRACKET DETAILS Click Bracket 1 to move it up to the entry bar, and enter the price. Press the down arrow key to save and enter the next bracket.

11 Modify Product Information If needed, existing items can be modified through the Enter/Modify option. Find the existing item Make the necessary additions/changes Click Apply to save The Inactive field can be set to Yes when a product is discontinued. Users are not allowed to delete product records. If an item needs to be deleted, your System Administrator may contact AFS support. 11

12 Other Product Features Save/View Documents Keeps pertinent information at your fingertips Click Select to search your local or shared network drive for the document to be attached Click Save Document – a message is shown to indicate the save is complete Click View Documents, then click the link to open your attachment These attachments are for internal use only, and cannot be transmitted with orders 12 Copy Saves time when entering items with similar specifications Click Copy to put GenWeb in ADD MODE All product data is copied, except the Item code, which must be typed on the screen Verify ALL the copied fields, especially the EDI and Pricing data Make change as needed, then press Apply (ALT + Y) to save

13 Additional Information Full, detailed documentation for Product Maintenance can be accessed from the GenWeb menu. Recordings for other Product Maintenance options are available 13

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