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Financial Budget Training FY15. Budget ComponentsBudget Components State Appropriations - Biennial Legislative Appropriation Request (LAR) Tuition - Student.

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1 Financial Budget Training FY15

2 Budget ComponentsBudget Components State Appropriations - Biennial Legislative Appropriation Request (LAR) Tuition - Student enrollment Fees - Student enrollment Auxiliar y Residence Hall Cafeteria Athletics Bookstore etc. Grants and Endowments

3 Sources of Funding Sources of Funding

4 Budget Structure Budget Structure

5 Texas A&M University System FY 2015 Operating Budget Guidelines The Texas A&M University System (A&M System) is committed to serving the citizens of the state of Texas and understands that the valuable, but limited, resources provided to us must be utilized in the most efficient and effective manner and, as always, with the benefit of the state taxpayers foremost on our minds. The A&M System will continue to act as good stewards of the state of Texas’ limited resources and will ensure the benefit to the state taxpayer is considered in every academic, research and service activity performed.

6 Base Budget Base Budget  Budget approved by the Board of Regents  Revenues  Expenses

7 Phase II Budget ProcessPhase II Budget Process  Re-allocate expenditures  Cannot change total

8 TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY-TEXARKANA FY 2015 BASE BUDGET REVIEW WORKSHEET OPERATING BUDGET Account Manager Account Number Account Description Category FY 2012 Actual Expense FY 2013 Actual Expense Jun-Aug FY 2013 Actual Expense Year-to-Date May 31, 2014 FY 15 Budget Requests Nanze,V 206630 Budget Operations 40004300100045005500

9 Operating Budget -ContinuedOperating Budget -Continued Notes/Comments/Funding Source, Etc. Please use prior consolidated fee accounts to budget USF Accounts

10 FY 2015 Projected Operating Expense  Review FY 2012 Expenditures  Review FY 2013 Expenditures  Review FY 2014 Expenditures To Date  Compare FY 2014 and FY 2013  Project FY 2015 Budget

11 FY 2015 BudgetFY 2015 Budget  Planned recurring expenditures  One-Time Expenditures  Higher Education Fund (HEF)  Faculty Salaries  Adjunct Salaries  Summer Salaries  Staff Salaries  Benefits for non-E&G faculty and staff

12 One-time expenditure requests: One-time expenditure requests:  Necessary for FY 2015 only  -Temporary personnel  -HEF requests  Will not occur in future years

13 Higher Education Funds(HEF)  Request must be approved by President  One time use only  Cannot be used for leases or annual maintenance agreements  Equipment, computers, furniture, printers, etc.

14 Texas A&M University Personnel Budget Texas A&M University Personnel Budget No changes are permitted to this worksheet except in the following cases: 1. If you are requesting a new position for your department to be included in the FY2015 Budget, you must submit a justification, job description and salary information provided to you by the Human Resources Department. Indicate the proposed salary in the FY2015 salary column and attach justification and job description to submission. Your attached justification and salary must be approved by your Vice-President and, in some cases, the University President. Salary information for new positions included on this budget does not guarantee the position will be filled, only that the amount will be budgeted; you must complete the approved forms and route them through the current hiring approval process. 2. For any position that is listed as 'Vacant', you must indicate the date that the position will be filled and the mid-range of that position must be obtained from the Human Resources Department. Attach the salary information provided to you with your Vice President's signature to your submission. Note: This worksheet does not include provisions for FY2015 merit increases or market adjustments. The information provided is the current FY 2014 budgeted salary that will carry forward to FY2015.

15 Personnel Actions (EPA’s)Personnel Actions (EPA’s)  Budgeted salary increase -Provide source of funds  Insufficient -Do not override budget (unless prior approval from Director of Budget)  Stipends -Source account funded

16 Wages  Determine the amount you will need in FY 2015  If unsure of the amount, use FY 2014 as a base  Adjust by expected needs-decrease or increase  Review for un-necessary wage encumbrances in FY 2014 and let us know if you need to adjust it

17 Budget AllocationBudget Allocation  Question: How was my budget allocated? Based on order of priority and available balances.  Question: Why is my budget not funded for what I needed if I requested more funds last year? A review and recommendation is performed by the Strategic and Planning Board with a recommendation to the President who makes the decision.

18 Additional Budget? Additional Budget?  Question: How do I request additional budget for unforeseen events- Request from the VP or President  Question: Who has the authority to grant me these additional funds- Only the VP or President  Questions: Where do these funds come from? You must analyze your account balances and know what you have and where you have the funding available.  Questions: Who finds the source of funds? You are responsible for finding the source of funds.

19 What’s My Budget Status?What’s My Budget Status?  Question: Is it okay to override the budget? Never, unless prior approval from Budget Office  Question: Why is it important to know your budget status? Source of funding for future spending.

20 Budget Transfer RequestsBudget Transfer Requests  Please include on the transfer request:  Account Name and Number transfer to and transfer from  Budget Pool: 1100, 1700, 1900 and/or 3000  Amount of transfer needed  For what purpose transfer is needed  Approval by Account Manager  Email or form (coming soon)

21 Rules of Transfer:Rules of Transfer:  E&G Accounts -1 : transfer limited to a 1 account  Higher Education Funds (HEF): Transfer to and from HEF account only  Designated and fee accounts - 2 or a 3 may have transfer between each other with exceptions  Restricted accounts : 4 accounts-transfers from federal and state grants are not allowed unless specified in grant document. Please contact the Grants Specialist.

22 MONTHLY ACCOUNT REVIEW MONTHLY ACCOUNT REVIEW  Maintain an account reconciliation worksheet  Review account balances  Post outstanding transactions  Review encumbrances and request adjustments as needed from accounts payable or Budget office  Reconcile each month to FAMIS/CANOPY

23 Annual Budget TimelineAnnual Budget Timeline  Question: What is the FY Budget Timeline Initially set according to System deadlines  Question: What happens if we do not abide by the timeline Mandated by the state - we must submit our budget according to the deadline.  Question: Who makes the timeline? Final decision is that of the President  Time Frame(How important is it) University funding is dependent on meeting the deadlines.

24 FY 2015 Budget Planning Time Table Calendar-Phase II  Phase II of FY 2015 Budget Preparation is now in process. The timeline to complete Phase II is as follows:  June 10-12, 2014 Conduct FY 2015 Budget Trainings  June 20, 2014 All FY 2015 Budget requests turned into Vice Presidents or President  July 3, 2014 Vice Presidents or President submit request to Budget Office to compile and submit to Strategic Planning and Budget  July 14-16, 2014 Strategic Planning and Budget Board meet to review and finalize recommendations to the President  July 21, 2014 All Budget requests must be finalized




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