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June 16, 2010 Thorr Bjorn Athletic Director. URI Athletics Vision and Mission Statements Vision Statement The University of Rhode Island Department of.

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1 June 16, 2010 Thorr Bjorn Athletic Director

2 URI Athletics Vision and Mission Statements Vision Statement The University of Rhode Island Department of Athletics will be nationally recognized for excellence in the classroom, in competition and in the community. Mission Statement The mission of the Department of Athletics is to provide experiences that are consistent with the mission of the University and the NCAA Division I philosophy. The Department provides opportunities for student-athletes that encourages the pursuit of commitment, teamwork, competitive success, development of personal character, and leadership skills. We maintain an environment that values academic achievement, integrity, diversity, gender equity, and sound fiscal management. URI Athletics strives to provide quality programs that cultivate an exciting atmosphere for the University and the community.

3 Strategic Goals and Priorities The Department of Athletics is developing a five-year strategic plan that will help guide and direct the future of URI Athletics. We are focusing this plan on certain core yet measureable values that are the most critical to the success of the department. The athletic department’s strategic goals and priorities will reflect our contribution to the University’s Academic plan. We believe that the University of Rhode Island’s athletic department has the opportunity, and more importantly, the responsibility to assist in marketing and promoting the entire University.

4 Athletic Department Goals Goal 1 Academic success for our student-athletes is the top priority within the athletic department Goal 2 The athletic department is committed to continuing to elevate and enhance student-athlete welfare and the student-athlete experience through collaboration both within our division and in developing partnerships with other departments on campus and within the community

5 Goals cont. Goal 3 The athletic department will foster and encourage an inclusive environment built upon the principles of equity and diversity, committing to the recruitment of qualified student-athletes and staff from all backgrounds and seeking to increase participation opportunities for minorities Goal 4 The athletic department will continue to renovate, improve, and construct facilities strategically based on donor interest and University and departmental need and priority. Developed facilities will be considered excellent venues for safe and high-caliber Division 1 Athletics.

6 Goals cont. Goal 5 The athletic department will be fiscally responsible and work to maximize and increase existing external revenue streams while continuing to search for new opportunities to generate non-University and State dollars. Each of our eighteen sports teams should be funded in a manner that will allow it to challenge for a conference championship, which will provide for opportunity for teams and individuals to represent the University of Rhode Island in post-season, championship competition. Goal 6 The athletic department is committed to a Division 1 program with integrity. We are committed to NCAA rules compliance and will continue to develop programs and protocols that will ensure that this responsibility is met.

7 FY 2012 Budget Needs The Athletic Department will be looking for assistance with expected team travel cost increases which will in turn be utilized strategically by all 18 varsity sports teams. This increase is based upon expected inflationary costs. The athletic department has done a good job of managing travel costs in the past by putting together regional schedules for most of our sports teams Requested increase amount: $60,000

8 FTE Request The department of athletics will be requesting a new FTE for a Head Strength and Conditioning coach Currently URI is the only school within the Atlantic 10 to not have a full time Head Strength Coach. 9 of 14 schools have a full time assistant strength coach. The average salary for the head coach is $52,000 The average salary for head strength coach with football is $66,000 (Salaries do not include fringe) With the new construction of the Student Athlete Development Center it is imperative that we add this position ASAP so that this individual can play a critical role in design, layout and equipment purchase associated with the new facility

9 Capital Needs The Department of Athletics must formulate a facility plan that will benefit the various athletic programs at URI as well as serve our numerous constituents. There are a number of other facility needs but in order to properly determine the order and priority, the athletic department must undergo a facility master planning process. The funding of a facility master plan will come from the reallocation of divisional resources. As the University focuses on recruitment and retention of new students, it is imperative that the Mackal basketball courts be resurfaced. Mackal is the primary student recreation facility at URI and a tremendous recruitment and retention tool. The cost of resurfacing those areas is estimated at one-million dollars. The cost of not completing a resurfacing is incalculable.

10 Capital Needs cont. As a part of the University’s Making a Difference Campaign, the Department of Athletics has been raising money for the Student Athlete Development Center. The project consists of a new 10,000 square foot weight room and renovation of the athletic training and academic support areas within Keaney Gym and Tootell The plan has been for the project is to be funded through fundraising done by athletics as well as 3.5 million dollar commitment from the University. The technical review committee interviewed 5 designers on Monday and will be making a selection shortly. The Director of Athletics, VP for Administration and the President will be coming to the SBPC in an upcoming meeting with a recommendation on the best way to handle the University’s commitment to this initiative.

11 Fiscal Year 2013 and Beyond A responsibility of the University (and not just athletics) is to comply with the federal gender equity mandate of Title IX The participation opportunities in athletics (as well as club and intramural sports) are federally mandated to be within 1% of the undergraduate enrollment. Currently URI’s population is approximately 55 % female and 45% male. If that disparity continues to rise, as it has over the years, it will be in the University’s best interest to add a new women’s sport.

12 Addition of Women’s Lacrosse The Department of Athletics is proposing to add women’s lacrosse which is an immensely popular sport and one that is offered by the Atlantic 10 A women’s lacrosse team would have a roster of 25 women The operating cost of a Division 1 women’s lacrosse team is estimated at $200,000 per year There would also need to be an additional 12 scholarships added over a 3 year period It would be recommended to start women’s lacrosse in fy 13 or worst case fy 14

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