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Baton Rouge Community College

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1 Baton Rouge Community College
FY 15 Travel Training Baton Rouge Community College

2 Contact Information Shorts Travel Cindy Gueho – Sherry Arbour – Keisha Payton –

3 The Travel Process Approved Travel Authorization
form is Submitted to OAF. Advances are processed (i.e. Airfare, Registration, Rental, Hotel and Cash Advances) Employee completes Travel Authorization Form prior to Travel. Employee submits Travel Authorization form for Approval. Approved forms are received in OAF and date stamped. Traveler returns from trip and complete Travel Expense Form. Traveler attaches all documentation and submits for approval. OAF reviews the expense form For appropriate signatures. Forms are returned to traveler if approval is not submitted. Forms are returned to traveler if approvals or documentation is missing. OAF audits the expense form per PPM 49 guidelines. Travel Expense form is entered into Banner for Payment. Payment is issued to the employee on the following Tuesday or Thursday.

4 Definitions Employee – an individual who works for BRCC on a full-time, part-time or temporary basis. Traveler – A state officer, state employee or authorized person when performing authorized travel. Travel – When an employee conducts official state business outside his/her assigned official domicile. Official Domicile – an authorized person’s official workplace. Routine Travel – When an employee performs travel as part of the regular course of his/her daily duties outside of the assigned official domicile. Does not include routine meetings, seminar, conference, convention or training. CBA – Corporate Business Account is used by the agency to cover advance expenses for the traveler.

5 Travel Policy Traveler Responsibility
Avoid excess cost, unnecessary routes, delays, luxury accommodations and services unnecessary or unjustified in the performance of official business. Consult LA Travel Guide PPM49 to familiarize themselves with the official state travel regulations. Provide themselves with sufficient funds to cover travel expenses. Follow internal procedures created by the Office of Accounting and Finance (OAF) for all travel.

6 Policy and Procedure Manual 49 (PPM49)
Method of Transportation The most cost effective method of transportation that will accomplish the purpose of the travel shall be selected. All state travelers are to purchase commercial airline tickets through the state contracted travel agency. This requirement is mandatory unless approval is granted from the State Travel Office. Purchase of state contract airfare is not mandatory. Receipt required. No person is authorized to use their personal vehicle unless a non availability slip from the Fleet Manager has been obtained. Approval from Commissioner of Administration is required for personal vehicle usage in advance of travel. If employee is approved to use personal vehicle they may not exceed 99 miles per round trip and/or day at $.51 cents per mile no gas reimbursement. Approval of the Agency Head prior to departure is required for the rental of vehicles. Traveler must show the cost effectiveness of the available options. Only the rental of compact models is reimbursable. Receipt required

7 Policy and Procedure Manual 49 (PPM49)
Lodging and Meals Travelers are eligible to receive reimbursement for travel only when away from “Official domicile” or on temporary assignment. Meals are not eligible for reimbursements on single day travel. Meal allowance includes Tax and Tips. Receipts are not required. Number of meals must be shown on travel account form. Alcohol is not reimbursable. Routine and conference lodging allowance: Traveler will be reimbursed lodging rate, plus tax and any mandatory surcharge. Itemized receipts required. Lodging Tax Exempt form should be given to hotel by employees. Lodging overages should be placed on Travel Request form with justification and approved prior to travel. Must be approved by Vice Chancellor. Conference Lodging: Must have proof that this is the conference lodging. If not can only be reimbursed at routine lodging rate.

8 Meal and Lodging Tiers - Example
Tier I Breakfast $ 9 Lunch $13 Dinner $29 $51 LODGING: Routine Lodging In-State Cities (except as listed) $83 Alexandria/Leesville/Natchitoches _ $84 Baton Rouge – EBR _______ $97 Covington/Slidell – St. Tammany _______ $91 Lafayette _______ $83 Lake Charles – Calcasieu _______ $83

9 Reimbursement for Other Expenses
Policy and Procedure Manual 49 (PPM49) Reimbursement for Other Expenses Gasoline - state preference to purchase gasoline at reasonable cost from a local station prior to returning rental. Receipt required. Telephone – up to $3 in personal calls upon arrival at each destination and up to $3 for personal calls every second night. Receipt not required. Internet Access – actual cost. Receipt required. Baggage Tips – Not to exceed $3 tip per hotel check-in/airline arrival and $3 tip per hotel check out/airline departure. Receipt not required. Luggage allowance – reimbursement for first check bag for a business trip of 5 days or less. Receipt required. Registration Fees – actual cost. Receipt required

10 Reimbursement for Other Expenses
Policy and Procedure Manual 49 (PPM49) Reimbursement for Other Expenses Laundry Services - $20 for travel days between 7 to 14 days. Parking – Baton Rouge Airport current contract rate $3.50 per day (no receipts required). New Orleans current rate $7 per day and $42 weekly. (no receipts required) Valet Parking - not to exceed, $2 per day. Ground Transportation – $15 per day All forms of public ground transportation where a receipt is possible, must have a receipt All tips must be included on the receipt (Not to exceed 15% of total charge) Tolls – Not to exceed $5 per transaction 10

11 Travel Forms Travel Authorization form must be completed, approved and submitted to OAF prior to date of travel or payment of any advances. Travel Expense Form must be completed within 30 days of travel. (justification required for all travel not submitted within time period). Expenses shown on a daily basis Original signatures are required on all forms. Forms must be completed in ink or typewritten. All incomplete forms will be returned to traveler without payment.

12 Reimbursement Submittal
Original Travel Account Form with approval. Travel expenses itemized Daily Approved Travel Request form Original hotel itemized Receipts An agenda or program is required for all conference travel. Airline Itinerary (note if paid via CBA) Original receipts for other expenses. 12

13 Reimbursement Process
Agencies are required to reimburse travel within 30 days from receipt of complete, proper travel documentation. BRCC policy is to process travel within 14 business days of receipt of complete proper travel documentation. Date stamped in OAF Check for required signatures Audit based on State Guidelines PPM 49 Entered into Banner for payment Print Checks (Tuesdays and Thursdays) Employee is notified

14 FAQ What are the rules for traveling out-of-state? If airfare if necessary, you must contact our contracted travel agency, Short’s travel management, to secure all airfare or for cost estimates and travel times. Short’s can be reached at (888) , 24/7/365. Inform the travel agents that you are a traveler with the State of Louisiana along with your agency information. Purchase airline ticket on corporate travel card or use the agency’s CBA authorization form. Receipts are required for airfare reimbursements and any/all checked bag fees. Attach the original receipts to the travel expense voucher for reimbursement upon your return from travel status. How do I request registration fee payment for a conference, seminar or Meeting? Complete the section of the Travel Authorization Form and submit a copy of the agenda or published meeting notice and completed registration materials. Note the registration fee deadline. Make sure that you allow enough time for the check to be cut and mailed. Receipts are required for registration reimbursements. Attach these original receipts to the Travel Expense Voucher for reimbursement upon your return from travel status. What services are handled by the State contracted travel agency? Short’s Travel Management is there for you from start to finish. They can provide all of your travel services from airfare to rental cars. Short’s can also book your conference hotel. If you have a delayed or cancelled flight after business hours, call (888) for assistance. How are lodging accommodations handled? Whether or not a hotel has been identified for your conference, seminar or meeting, the travel agency can assist with booking available lodging at your destination. NOTE: If you are staying at the conference hotel, your Vice Chancelor may approve the actual conference rate. If you are not staying at the conference hotel and lodging cost will exceed the maximum allowable rate for your destination, you must have a statement with explanation for the necessary increase in cost on the Travel Authorization Form and receive necessary prior approval(s). Receipts are required for hotel reimbursements. Attach these original receipts to the Travel Expense Voucher for reimbursement upon your return from travel status.

15 FAQ What is required for car rental?
There is a mandatory in-state contract with Enterprise. Also, make sure all necessary approvals are received prior to vehicle rentals. Receipts are required for vehicle rental reimbursements. Attach these original receipts to the Travel Expense Voucher for reimbursement upon your return from travel status. The State has contracted rental vehicles for domestic and out of state travel, excluding Louisiana and international travel, using the State of Louisiana’s Out-of-State Contracts, which are mandatory. The State of Louisiana Out-Of-State participating vendors include Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental and Hertz Car Rental Corporation. While in travel status, will I be reimbursed for miscellaneous expenditures? These items may include, but are not limited to, taxi fare, bus fare, shuttle, parking fees, ferry and bridge tolls, etc. Be sure to provide an estimated amount for these expenses on the Travel Authorization Form. Airport shuttle limousines, taxis and all public transportation where a receipt is available, requires a receipt for reimbursements. A driver’s tip for shuttle/limousines and taxis must not exceed 15% of total charge and must be included on the receipt received from driver/company. What are the rules for personal vehicle use while on business travel? Employee should utilize a state vehicle when available. If a state vehicle is not available, you must supply documentation, in writing, from the Fleet Department. Employee may rent a vehicle from the State’s rental contract if a state vehicle is not available and travel exceeds 100 miles. If an employee elects to use his /her personal vehicle, reimbursement may not exceed maximum of 99 miles per round trip at .51 cents per mile. Personal vehicle mileage for BRCC Employees must have approval of Vice Chancellor. Personal mileage over 99 miles must be granted by the Commissioner of Administration at least 14 days prior to the trip departure date. The total cost of mileage reimbursement may never exceed the cost of a rental vehicle or the cost of travel by using the lowest logical airfare.

16 Questions

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