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2 PLOT … The whole idea of this story is to get Kristina to stop doing drugs. She is taken over by the Monster (Methamphetamine). Almost as if she has a mental illness, she has a second personality who controls her every move and thought (As she persists to believe).

3 Also, she changes from Kristina to Bree by using [ ] those.
POINT OF VIEW The point of view is put in to first person, but in the front of the book where it tells you the summary of the story, it’s written by her mom. Which I find kind of weird? Also, she changes from Kristina to Bree by using [ ] those.

4 CONFLICT… Many conflicts take place in this story filled with drugs, sex, vulgarity, etc. Conflicts such as a simple argument with her mom, or being able to find Meth connections. Which isn’t really a conflict, it’s just a conflict to Kristina.

Kristina is the main character throughout the entire story. She is the daughter of Marie, the sister of Leigh and Jake, and The Lover of Trey. Kristina has moments where she gets into detail about too many things, then she lets Bree take over.

6 TREY Trey is no good. He is the guy that for some reason, Kristina fell in love with. But he used to be the “boyfriend” of Robyn. Which Robyn is the girl who gives connections, so after Kristina took Trey, she suddenly stopped giving them connections. But the book doesn’t actually say that. And after being hooked on Meth for so long, their fights turn Brutal and Trey leaves several marks on her body.

7 MARIE-KRISTINA’S MOM. Marie is Kristina’s mom. She starts out not having a clue about Kristina’s problem but after her little infected tattoo in CRANK, she begins to realize that sending her off to her dad’s was a bad idea. By the way, Kristina went off to go and see her dad, and when she did, she met this boy named Adam and he introduced Crystal to her.

8 OTHERS Jake- The brother of Kristina.
Scott- Kristina’s stepdad. She despises him at times. Leigh- Kristina’s lesbian sister. No, she really is a lesbian, and her girlfriend’s name is Heather. Hunter- Kristina’s son; Next page for details.

9 Sorry, just had to let ya know!
HUNTER AND BRENDAN Hunter is Kristina’s son, but she didn’t intend to have him. Brendan is the father. He took her out in the forest and when she didn’t want to be with him anymore, he forced her down and raped her, Thus creating Hunter. Sorry, just had to let ya know!

10 LITERARY DEVICES The most common literary device that I found in here was foreshadowing. She gives away a little bit of what’s going to happen, but not all of it. Another one is Imagery. This is like a prose book. She uses all of graphic information to let us know EXACTLY what’s going on.

11 DISLIKES  I hate that she put her words in different order each page. Sometime’s, it was hard to read. She had the words in T shapes, V- shapes, F-shapes. I couldn’t even figure it out sometimes. Which made it harder to comprehend the rest of the book.

12 LIKES  I liked that she included a lot of details in this story. The last one didn’t include so much information. It went on talking about her dad’s trip for 400-hundred pages, then described her pregnancy in only 100 pages. Which is kind of stupid. In this story, she includes not so much vulgarity or drug use, which makes it better to understand, she isn’t sniffing crank all day.

13 RECOMMENDATIONS I recommend this book to teenage audiences because, we can relate to some of the stuff she does. Especially 17 year olds, because that ‘s how old Kristina is.

14 Websites? I didn’t use any websites.. This was all information classified from the book. And the genre, I figured that out from : Hopkins/product- reviews/ X/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_ txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1 Ha-ha


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