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The Science of Ablution (Fiqh of Wudu) Prepared through the book Fiqh us-sunnah by Sayyid Sabiq.

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1 The Science of Ablution (Fiqh of Wudu) Prepared through the book Fiqh us-sunnah by Sayyid Sabiq

2 Obligations of Wudu Intention (in the heart, not verbal) Washing the face (completely; ear to ear and forehead to bottom of jaw) Washing arms up to the elbow Wiping the head Washing the feet up to the ankles

3 Sunan of Wudu Tasmiyah (saying Bismillah) Using siwak (cleaning teeth) Washing hands three times at the beginning Rinsing mouth & sniffing water up the nose with the same handful (three times) Running ones fingers through the beard after washing the face Running water through ones fingers & toes Repeating each washing three times

4 Sunan of Wudu (continued) Beginning each action by the right side Rubbing limbs with water Following each action in close sequence Wiping the ears from inside and outside Washing a little extra area above the elbows and ankles Economizing water usage Saying the shahadah (testimony of faith) after ablution Praying two raka voluntary prayer after ablution

5 Nullification of Wudu Any excretion from the private parts (including wind) Deep sleep that makes a person completely unaware of surroundings Loss of consciousness (through medication, wound, accident, etc) Touching private parts directly (by hand) without any barrier (clothes and so on)

6 Actions that do not nullify Wudu Touching woman (without desire) Bleeding from unusual place (wound, nose bleed, irrespective if bleeding is more or less) Vomit If in doubt of whether or not one has passed wind

7 Actions that require Wudu Any type of ritual prayer (obligatory, voluntary, funeral, etc) (wudu is recommended before making duas) Circumambulating the Kabah Touching a copy of the Quran

8 Wiping over the socks Sunnah to wipe over socks If one puts on socks in a state of purity (wudu/ghusl) he can wipe over the socks next time he does wudu. He can wipe over the socks for one day and night if not traveling and for three days and nights if traveling. Wiping must be done on top of the sock (not underneath the sock)

9 What invalidates the wiping? End of permissible time for wiping Post-sex impurity Removal of sock

10 Misc. points regarding Wudu Permissible to speak during wudu as nothing prohibits this from the sunnah Sunnah to perform wudu before every salah For wudu to be valid, all required parts must be completely washed. If any barrier/substance of weight (like wax, ring, etc) is found on body, it must be removed so that water can reach that area.

11 Significance of Wudu The body parts washed during wudu will be radiant on the day of judgment The sins of the believer are washed away with the performing of Wudu (sins of eyes are washed away when washing the face, sins of feet are washed away when washing the feet and so on) Allah loves those who purify themselves Whoever does perfect wudu and then says the testimony of faith, the doors of Jannah will open for him

12 References Please consult Fiqh-us-Sunnah by As-Sayyid Sabiq for references and proofs of all the statements made in this presentation. All the points made in this presentation are supported by Ahdatih (sayings of the Prophet, Peace be upon him) and are valid in front of the scholars of Ahlus-Sunnah-Wal-Jammah. You can download a free copy of Islamic software with Fiqh- us-sunnah and other books of ahadith by clicking on the following link.

13 Presentation by Jazakallahu Khair for your time and May Allah increase you in Knowledge and application of His Deen. Ameen

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