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Pan African Localization Network

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1 Pan African Localization Network
Manal Amin CEO Arabize Member in ANLoc

2 Biography Manal Mahmoud Amin
Graduate of Political Science, Cairo University, July 1983 Started career as a translator and technical writer in the first Arabic Computer Company, February 1984 for 10 years. Founded Arabize in April 1994 Vice Chairman of The Egyptian Information, Telecommunication, Electronics and Software Alliance (EITESAL) Vice Chairman of The ICT Export Council in the Ministry Trade and Industry Member of the German Arab Chamber of Commerce, the British Egyptian Business Association, and the Egyptian Irish Business Council

3 The African Network for Localization
ICT is necessarily adapted to human languages in order to enable its use by non-specialists. Localization – the adaptation of ICT to the language and culture where it is used – allows cultural pressure to be reduced, eliminated or even reversed. Ten Sub-Projects are being developed to address specific localization needs.

4 ANLoc Partners ACALAN Alt-I Arabize Bisharat Denis Jacquerye Inc. Kasahorow OpenCraft University of Nairobi

5 ANLoc Objectives Build an African network of localizers
Lower and eliminate participatory barriers Increase technology and skills to facilitate localization Enhance allied localization technology Influence Policy

6 ANLoc Sub-Projects Fonts Development Producing full coverage & choice by ensuring that 10 Latin fonts are fully African Keyboards Development Creating keyboard layouts to type all African languages on a computer Language and ICT Policy Reviewing the current state of language and ICT policy Locales Development Creating 100 African locales to boost African languages Localization Tools Development Enhancing & expanding the abilities of various localization tools to cover African languages

7 ANLoc Sub-Projects Localization Software Localizing various open source software Common Networking Activities Bringing together participants to share ideas, demonstrate results and build a stronger network Spell Checkers Development Building spell checkers and diacritic correctors for some large languages in Africa Terminology Development Creating a 2500 word ICT term list for use in localization Enhancing terminology management software Training on Localization

8 ANLoc Sub-Project: Training
An Existing dire need for local localization skills Creating modules covering local localization needs within a training course Partners working on this project: Arabize, the Localization Company

9 Arabize, the Localization Company
A leading Localization company in the Middle East A limited Liability Company providing Arabization, DTP, documentation, testing, digitization, and content development services. Highly equipped with latest technology. 100 skilled well trained employees Europe marketing office based in Switzerland Well organized working environment (organizational structure, working process, Financial and HR departments) ISO 9001\2000 certified and preparing for applying 6 sigma and EN Excellent relation with MCIT and major funding agencies and programs Revenues in the past 5 years exceeds US$1000,000

10 Arabize and TILP Cooperating with The Institute of Localization Professionals (TILP) - University of Limerick, Ireland Preparing and delivering the material for the Arabic Chapter Hosting the 4-day course training

11 Arabic Chapter Define the Topics Gather Material
Select various topics to address training objectives of the Arabic Module Coincide with the international certificate Gather Material Search in hard and soft references, and online Document work experience Develop Training Material PowerPoint presentations Reader document and Reading list Exercises and Scenarios for delivering them Bilingual glossary and more…

12 Arabic Chapter Deliver Demos Finalize Material
Suitability of the material for the audience Efficiency of the trainer Finalize Material Feedbacks from demos Material renaming Prepare Training Packs and Facilities Trainer’s Pack Trainees’ Pack

13 Arabic Chapter Deliver Arabic Module Project Dissemination
July 14, 2008 Arabize Trainers Project Dissemination TILP - The Institute of Localization Professionals Eitesal - Egyptian Information Telecommunications Electronics & Software Alliance

14 Next Step Africa is divided into 5 regions.
Arabic Chapter is North African region. Next: Collaborate to prepare Regional Chapters for three other languages in Africa.

15 Thank You For more information, Please do not hesitate to contact me at: To know more about Arabize To know more about ANLoc

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