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Injection. Photo of a typical juvenile diabetic before and after treatment.

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1 Injection

2 Photo of a typical juvenile diabetic before and after treatment



5 Injection sites include the abdomen, outer upper arms, the thighs, buttocks, or hip areas. Do not inject insulin near bony places or joints Insulin absorption can vary from site to site. The best absorption site is the abdomen Injection Sites


7 Preparing for Injection Steps for preparing your syringe differ, depending on whether you use one type of insulin or a mixture of two or more insulin

8 Wash your hands. Turn the insulin bottle on its side and roll it between your palms to mix it, but DO NOT SHAKE IT. Wipe the top of the insulin bottle with an alcohol wipe.

9 4. Pull plunger to draw in enough air to equal your insulin dose: _____ units. 5. Push the needle through the bottle top and inject air into the bottle.

10 6. With the needle in the bottle, turn it upside and pull the plunger to fill the syringe past your do of insulin. 7. Push slowly to the line of your correct dose of insulin: _____units.

11 8. Check for air bubbles. If bubbles are present, tap the syringe to make them rise. Then repeat steps 6 and 7 and check for bubbles again. Continue repeating steps 6 and 7 until no air bubbles are present.

12 9. Remove the needle from the bottle, and carefully rest the syringe so that the needle touches nothing.

13 GIVING THE INJECTION 1.Choose your injection site. 2.Wipe the area with alcohol to clean it.

14 3. Grasp a large pinch of skin between your thumb and fingers. 4. Push the needle straight into the skin.

15 5. Press the plunger in. 6. Holding the alcohol wipe next to the injection, pull out the needle. Wipe the area with the alcohol wipe.


17 Insulin Delivery Devices Modern ways of taking insulin

18 Disposable Insulin Pen Just dial the dose Insert the needle Inject the dose Easy to use Easy to use Accurate Accurate Virtually Virtually Painless Painless In a recent study 70 % of the people were willing to recommend NovoLet to others Easy 3 step action

19 Permanent Insulin Pen The only pen system that offers: Metallic body which is elegant and long lasting 70 units dialing with easy dose correction NovoFine 31 G needle that offers virtually painless insulin injection Automatic “0” setting that signals end of dose Holds NovoFine needle over penfills and thus ensures longer use of the pen Trusted choice of over a million diabetics across the world

20 How do I Store My Insulin? Insulin Do not expose the insulin to sunlight & high temperatures which can occur in : a) In the glove compartment of a car b) Near a cooking range c) On top of electrical equipment Store in refrigerator at the recommended temperature of 2 0 -8 0 C Do not keep insulin in freezer compartment & do not use insulin that is frozen X Insulin suspensions not to be used due to clump formation Do not use the insulin after expiry period

21 Insulin – Myths & Reality Insulin – Myths & Reality Insulin injections are painful? But I cannot take insulin injections myself? I do not need insulin as I have only mild diabetes ! What is the role of natural, herbal and ayurvedic medicines? Once on insulin, will I always be on insulin? What about hypoglycemia, will I get? Any side effects? Still afraid of injection The proof is in using it ! Give it a try for six months You will find the difference.

22 Today newer insulin available 1970’s Purified insulins 1980’s Human insulin 1990’s, Devices 2000, Analogues

23 Today newer insulin available Called insulin analogues Better than human insulin –Convenient, no waiting time before meal –Most advanced device –Safe –Easy for doctors to adjust dose

24 insulin inhaler Future

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