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European Expansion in Industrial World: “Age New Imperialism”

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2 European Expansion in Industrial World: “Age New Imperialism”

3 New Imperialism vs. Exploration Imperialism 15 th -16 th cent: Earlier period: –Less penetration of interior in Africa & Asia –Less direct influence on people’s lives

4 Conquests inland because – military & med. tech. made it possible

5 Forms of Imperialism Spheres of Influence Protectorates Colonies Dutch in S. Africa Euro. nations in China Euro. Nations in Africa U.S. In Latin Amer. Gr. Brit. In India



8 U.S. Protectorates

9 African Spheres of Influence

10 raw materials to feed machines Motives

11 Conversions not mandated but still ongoing Motives

12 Ended slavery- replaced by cheap indigenous labor (Forced Labor) Labor Impact

13 A. Strengthening Control over existing colonies –British In India East India Company = pol., econ., milt. domination on Indian states British Raj (British Rule) officially established 1858-1947 Indust. Powers Established Transoceanic Powers

14 B. Indust. States Established/Expanded Empires –British In Egypt Control of Suez Canal –British In South Africa Control of diamond mines –America gains control of Philippines –Span. & Port. = reduced influence Indust. Powers Established Transoceanic Powers

15 King Leopold and the Belgium Congo

16 Belgium needs to catch up Created a slave based plantation economy Human rights abuses

17 Results Conference of Berlin 1884-85 Scramble for Africa Increased tensions among European Powers Redraw boundaries without consulting Africans

18 The Afrikan/Boer Wars 1880-1900 Paving the way for Apartheid


20 Dutch Cape Colony 1700s Dutch economy based on slave labor Whites were outnumbered. Forced blacks to carry identity cards

21 British Cape Colony and the Great Trek Mid 1830s British establish colony at the Cape Force migration “Great Trek” of Dutch settlers (Afrikaners or Boers) to interior on native land = clashes with Zulu tribe Boers create their own republics

22 The “Great Trek”

23 Mining of Diamonds 1860s Prompts increases in British migration and creation of colony in Natal Tensions between Boers and British Diamonds discovered


25 The Afrikan/Boer Wars 1880-1900 Increase British military presence led to a brief war against Boers Boers are victorious Second war with Boers = Boers lose conversion into British colonies of South Africa.

26 Union of South Africa 1910-1948 Afrikaners/Boers gain independence from Britain- Combine Natal and Cape Colony Exclude blacks from voting Apartheid “Apartness” becomes official policy

27 Schools, hospitals, neighborhoods, workplaces segregated Mandela and World Opinion abolish system in early 1990s

28 Historical Parallel South African History is similar to American History because they both…

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