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What is Pneumonia and How Do I Prevent it?

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1 What is Pneumonia and How Do I Prevent it?
MARC McLEARY, MD Clinton County Rural Health

2 What is Pneumonia? Inflammation of the lower air way (lungs).
Can be caused by several different sources. Bacteria Viruses Fungi The source of the pneumonia play a major role in treatment. Community Hospital Aspiration

3 Community Acquired Pneumonia Facts
It affects about 6 out of every 1000 people per year. 1 out every 160 people It is #8 cause of death in the United States. If hospitalized with CAP, the mortality (death) rate is up to 23%

4 What are some risk factors?
Smoking Tobacco Age over 65 COPD Previous pneumonia Severe esophageal reflux Influenza Lung Cancer

5 How is Pneumonia Diagnosed?
Clinical Signs Cough Fever Pleuritic chest pain (hurts to take deep breath) Difficulty breathing Sputum Production X-ray Must see an infiltrate on X-ray

6 Infiltrate

7 Treatment of Pneumonia:
First step is to determine if patient needs to be admitted to hospital CURB-65 PSI Antibiotic Therapy Usually a single antibiotic for a minimum of 5 days (normally longer) Resolution of symptoms Symptoms should start to improve very quickly although the cough and fatigue can persist for 2-4 weeks after treatment is started

8 Prevention of Pneumonia:
Good hand hygiene Soap and water or alcohol based cleanser Stop smoking Flu shot Pneumonia vaccine

9 Pneumonia Vaccine: Who gets it? Do I need to get it again?
Everyone over age 65 People less than 65 at higher risk for Pneumonia Diabetes Heart Disease No spleen Smokers Do I need to get it again? If you received the shot before age 65, you need a one time booster 5 years after the first shot. If you received the shot after age 65, you will not need another

10 Summary: Pneumonia is a common disease that is more common in people that smoke and who are over 65. A single antibiotic for 5-7 days is the first line treatment for most outpatient pneumonias You can help to prevent pneumonia by stopping smoking and getting the flu and pneumonia vaccine

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