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Personal/Oral Hygiene and Foot Care

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1 Personal/Oral Hygiene and Foot Care

2 Bathing……... cleanses and conditions the skin
helps relax restless patient promotes circulation acts as musculoskeletal exercise promotes comfort helps improve self image time to develop relationship with pt.

3 allows you an opportunity to observe skin, hair, nails etc for signs of breakdown
form of therapeutic touch opportunity to do a good patient assessment, ask questions, get to know the patient better

4 The bed bath…….. only if patient not able to get up
practice proper body mechanics ensure privacy assist pt or completely by nurse gather equipment needed allow pt to go to BR first if necessary close curtain and door to room

5 use bath blanket and drape parts not being washed - remember dignity!!!!
fold washcloth like a mitt wash face first - inner to outer eye soak hands and feet if possible face, neck, arms, chest, abdomen, legs, feet, back, buttocks and anal area backrub nice at this point!!!!

6 change water, get new cloth and towel
clean perineal area last!!!!! Wear gloves for peri care female - wash from pubic area to anus male - retract foreskin if necessary and wash from tip of penis towards pubis (remember to replace foreskin!!!!) - be gentle with scrotum/testicles powder promotes bacterial growth so use only if necessary

7 Showers and tub baths…... determine how much assistance the patient will need provide a chair or bench for patient check water temperature help pt in and out as needed bring all supplies with you ensure privacy

8 assist as needed if patient alone, do not allow to lock door hang sign on door to indicate room in use to avoid interruptions always ensure safety of patient!!!!

9 Giving a back rub…... position patient for comfort warm lotion in hand
provide privacy use light, gliding strokes to apply lotion to shoulders, back and sacral area place hands beside each other and start at sacral area, work up and back down using slow, continuous strokes

10 massage shoulders, back iliac crests and sacrum with circular strokes
apply additional lotion as needed observe skin for redness or breakdown towel off excess lotion or moisture assess patients response and document

11 Oral care……... wear gloves gather equipment provide privacy
sit patient up if possible assist as necessary - be gentle!! offer mouthwash if available CLEAN DENTURES AT LEAST BID!!!! if pt unconscious, turn head to side

12 toothbrush works best- use some “elbow grease” but don’t overdo it
brush tongue even if not alert - brush use gauze & tongue depressor if no brush floss once a day toothpaste, salt, bicarb or diluted mouth wash important for nutrition!!!!!

13 don’t forget to moisten liips
to remove dentures use a gentle rocking motion to break suction (may use gauze) keep dentures in or gum line will shrink store dentures in water so they don’t dry out

14 line sink when cleaning dentures so if you drop them they won’t break
don’t use hot water when cleaning dentures or they may warp rinse patients mouth before reinserting

15 Hair care and shaving……...
doing this for your patient can make a huge difference to his/her day it takes time but it’s worth it!!!! can wash hair in bed or at sink remember, shaving isn’t just for men!!! imagine going a few days without washing your hair, shaving your legs!!!

16 Shaving………. mostly use electric razors - esp if on anticoagulants or are at risk for bleeding razor shave: use shaving cream, check re anti-coagulants, short, firm strokes in direction of hair growth, pull skin taut wear gloves when shaving - risk of exposure to blood let pt direct you if he can

17 Foot and nail care……... check feet carefully for signs of breakdown or other problems soak hands and feet in warm water dry well between toes, fingers file nails as necessary gently push cuticles back apply lotions clean under nails with blunt instrument

18 trim toenails straight across to avoid ingrown nails
don’t cut too short foot powders absorb perspiration and reduce odours watch for areas of pressure or skin breakdown

19 Diabetic foot care…….. File nails
get consult for specialist if presence of callouses, corns, ingrown nails etc avoid heating pads, hot water bottles prop feet if swelling avoid crossing legs, stockings with elastic tops

20 Hearing aids………. be sure ears are clean
wipe off hearing aid if wax buildup check functioning before placing in ear remove at bedtime (usually)

21 Offering and removing a bedpan or urinal……..
gather equipment warm pan if possible if patient able to assist, have them bend knees and raise buttocks if unable to assist, roll to side and back on to bedpan raise head of bed if possible - more normal position

22 place urinal between legs and position penis if patient unable to do so
place call bell nearby provide toilet paper if patient able to wipe self remove in same manner (hold it steady!!!!!) wear gloves to remove, provide peri care, clean equipment wash hands!!!!!!

23 Applying and removing an adult brief……..
it takes practice!!!!! lift buttocks or roll from side to side always provide peri care when changing check frequently to determine if needs to be changed dispose of according to institutions policy

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