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IEEE Computer Society Category A Liaison to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 7: Status Report Jim Moore IEEE CS Liaison Representative Prepared for IEEE CS SAB March 2010.

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1 IEEE Computer Society Category A Liaison to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 7: Status Report Jim Moore IEEE CS Liaison Representative Prepared for IEEE CS SAB March 2010

2 Background IEEE Computer Society is a member of the US Technical Advisory group to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 7. IEEE Computer Society also has a Category A Liaison relationship with SC 7. –We don’t get to vote. –But we do get to participate, offer comments, and contribute documents (via a standing agreement with the US National Body). –We provide SC 7 access to Computer Society expertise around the world. –We represent Computer Society interests in standards, BOK, certifications, curricula and professional activities. Liaison representatives: –Jim Moore, lead –Pieter Botman –Terry Doran –Many others who support specific projects We report to SAB and coordinate with S2ESC and IEEE-SA. For IEEE CS SAB, 3/25/20102

3 Why Do We Do This? Throughout the Computer Society, we are undertaking efforts to make the Society to “go to” place for software engineering. One of our strengths is the standards collection of the Software and Systems Engineering Standards Committee (S2ESC). One of our weaknesses is inconsistency between these standards and international standards (from ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 7) on the same subject. This handicaps the global appeal of our standards. We have undertaken a program to make the two collections completely consistent. We use several methods: –Sometimes SC 7 adopts an IEEE standard. –Sometimes IEEE adopts an SC 7 standard. –Sometimes we merge our respective standards. –Sometimes we perform “joint development” of a new standard or a revision. For IEEE CS SAB, 3/25/2010 3

4 PSDO Agreement The IEEE Standards Association and ISO Central Secretariat have concluded a PSDO – Partner Standards Development Organization – agreement. The agreement provides uniform procedures for joint development and maintenance of standards by IEEE and designated TCs of ISO and SCs of JTC 1. For IEEE CS SAB, 3/25/2010 4

5 5 Inconsistencies circa 1995 TopicStatusRemarks Terminology & ConceptsRedDifferent vocabulary standards Quality managementOrangeISO: Driven down from ISO 9001. IEEE: traditional QA approach. TestingOrangeIEEE standards unrelated to SC7 processes. Architecture descriptionHarmlessSC7 didn’t have architecture standards. Product qualityYellowUnrelated standards Life cycle processesRedIncompatible standards Systems engineering processYellowUnrelated standards SW maintenanceRedIncompatible standards MeasurementYellowUnrelated standards Risk managementHarmlessNo standards at all Project managementRedIncompatible standards Verification and validationRedFundamentally different approaches; minor incompatibilities in details Configuration managementRedIncompatible standards SW process assessmentYellowNothing in IEEE. ISO process assessment incompatible with ISO LC. Requirements engineeringOrangeIEEE standards unrelated to SC7 processes SW life cycle dataRedIncompatible standards User documentationRedIncompatible standards CASE toolsYellowMinor incompatibilities NotationsHarmlessDistinct standards for distinct notations InternetHarmlessNo standards IT Services, Management, GovernanceHarmlessNo standards Specialty Engineering (Safety, Security)OrangeUnrelated approaches Professional certificationHarmlessNone

6 For IEEE CS SAB, 3/25/20106 TopicStatusRemarks Terminology & ConceptsGreenIEEE CS SWEBOK = ISO/IEC 19759. Identical vocabulary, 24765, hosted by IEEE CS. Quality managementGreenIdentical standard, 90003, but revision is needed. TestingRedJoint testing project is a big mess! Architecture descriptionGreenISO/IEC 42010 = IEEE 1471. Joint revision underway. Product qualityGreenIEEE withdrew its conflicting standard. Life cycle processesGreenIdentical standards: 12207, 15288. IEEE is adopting associated guides: 24748 (3 parts) Systems engineering processGreenISO/IEC 26702 = IEEE 1220. Joint revision is planned. SW maintenanceGreenIdentical standard: 14764. MeasurementGreenIdentical standards: 15939. Risk managementGreenIdentical standard, 16085, but revision is needed. Project managementGreenIdentical standard: 16326. Verification and validationRed  1012 broadening to systems. SC 7 study group on V&V. Configuration managementYellow  SC7 withdrew its standard. IEEE is revising 828 with SC7 advice. SW process assessmentHarmlessISO/IEC 15504 is now compatible with LCP standards. No IEEE competition. Requirements engineeringYellow  Joint development of ISO/IEC 29148 to replace IEEE 830, 1233, 1362. SW life cycle dataYellow  Joint revision of ISO/IEC 15289 to replace IEEE 12207.1 User documentationYellow  IEEE is adopting ISO/IEC 2651x (based, in part on IEEE 1063) CASE toolsYellow  IEEE withdrew its standards and is completing adoption of ISO/IEC 14102 and 14471. NotationsHarmlessDistinct standards for distinct notations InternetGreenISO/IEC 23026 = IEEE 2001, but both are badly out of date IT Services, Management, Governance???IEEE has no standards but no strategy. Specialty Engineering (Safety, Security)Yellow  IEEE is adopting ISO/IEC 15026 (4 parts) Professional certificationGreenIEEE CSDA and CSDP were the first to conform to ISO/IEC 24773 Inconsistencies Today

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