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Elements of the Short Story

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1 Elements of the Short Story

2 1. Plot the series of related events in a literary work

3 Plot Chart

4 Plot Chart Definitions
Exposition: The beginning of a story. Characters are introduced. We learn the setting and are introduced to the main conflict (main problem). Rising Action: The building of interest or suspense occurs. Climax: The peak or turning point of the story. Usually the main character comes face-to-face with a conflict. Falling Action: All loose ends of the plot are tied up. Leads to the resolution. Resolution: The conflict is ended and the story ends.

5 2. Setting the literal time (when), place (where), and atmosphere of a literary work May include the historical era, physical location, time, season, scenery, culture, etc.

6 3. Character the people or animals that who participate in the action (plot)

7 Characterization the methods used by the author to acquaint the reader with the characters in a literary work and to make the character seem more realistic

8 Methods of Characterization
Direct characterization: Tells about a character. Narrator reveals details about the physical appearance, age or personality of the character Ex: Bobby is a student and a basketball player. Indirect characterization: Shows about a character. The author reveals the character’s own word, actions and thoughts Ex: Bobby works hard writing papers each night and plays hard on the court.

9 Types of Characters Protagonist: Main character in the story- usually hero type Antagonist: Person or force against protagonist Static: character that does not change Dynamic: character experiences epiphany, changes Flat: simple characteristics, not deep Round: complex characteristics, deep

10 4. Theme The message or central idea conveyed by a story
May be stated directly or implied

11 5. Conflict The tension created between two or more characters. The height of tension is called the climax (greatest intensity)

12 TYPES OF CONFLICT Man versus Self (internal) Man (external) Nature
Supernatural Society

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