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COMPASS09 Annual Conference of Compass Informatics.

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1 COMPASS09 Annual Conference of Compass Informatics

2 WaterMaps River Basin Management Plans Mapping System Tony McNally Donegal County Council NS2 RBD Project

3 Water Framework Directive EIGHT RBDs Neagh Bann IRBD North Western IRBD Shannon IRBD North Eastern RBD Eastern RBD South Eastern RBD South Western RBD Western RBD Authorities Monaghan / DOE NI - EHS Donegal / DOE NI - EHS Limerick / DOE NI - EHS DOE NI - EHS Dublin City Carlow Cork County Galway County Natural Catchments  Waterbodies  Consult  Plan  Monitor  Report  Act

4 North Western & Neagh Bann iRBD Draft River Basin Management Plans

5 Working Together Draft River Basin Management Plan Plan Viewer (“WaterMaps”) Background Documents ( Plan Information – Ireland’s iRBDs



8 Presents data on waterbody status, risks, objectives and measures as colour coded maps from which detailed waterbody reports are available


10 Zoom - Mapping Detail appropriate to scale

11 Gazeteer allows features to be found by name

12 Waterbody reporting



15 Waterbody reporting – online or export

16 Waterbody reporting – Location and Status sheets

17 Waterbody reporting – Risk Sheets

18 Features

19 Regulation – Monitoring Sites & Licenses

20 Regulation – Protected areas

21 SUMMARY Presents spatial information for waterbodies in Ireland in accessible and manageable format Allows stakeholders to engage – receive information / potential to make submissions Allows regulators to manage catchments by accessing relevant data and reporting at waterbody level Allows data holdings to be managed centrally

22 Tu Mu, 803 – 852, Wei Liao Tzu “The commander must acquaint himself beforehand with the maps so that he knows dangerous places for chariots and carts, where the water is too deep for wagons; passes in famous mountains, the principal rivers, the locations of highlands and hills; where rushes, forests, and reeds are luxuriant; the road distances; the size of cities and towns; well-know cities and abandoned ones; and where there are flourishing orchards. All this must he know, as well as the way boundaries run in and out. All these facts the general must store in his mind.” Should have had WaterMaps!

23 COMPASS09 Annual Conference of Compass Informatics

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