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FY14 BUDGET PRESENTATION September 2013 Board of Regents Meeting.

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1 FY14 BUDGET PRESENTATION September 2013 Board of Regents Meeting

2 Campuses of Montana State University 2

3 Enrollment (FTE) FY10FY11FY12FY13FY14 Actual Budgeted Resident7,9738,4528,7588,7998,952 WUE348438488611668 Non-resident2,5552,9303,1063,5323,642 Total10,87611,82012,35212,94213,263 Undergraduate9,85010,48710,98111,54111,853 Graduate1,0261,0751,0381,0371,005 Gallatin College 258333364405 Total10,87611,82012,35212,94213,263 21.9% enrollment growth overall from FY10 to FY14 (Budget)  Resident enrollment growth of 12.3% (979 FTE)  Nonresident/WUE enrollment growth of 48.5% (1,407 FTE) 24.4% increase in undergraduates and steady in graduate students 3

4 Expenditures per FTE FY10FY11FY12FY13FY14Growth Actual ActualsBudgetedRate $12,826$12,244$12,418$12,910$13,4271.2% Enrollment growth has provided increased tuition revenues which are used to increase the number of faculty hires and class sections and to enhance our academic programs and student support services.  46 new TT/NTT faculty hires  Continued investments and efforts are being made to increase Montana resident need-based aid, financial literacy, retention, degree completion and academic program enhancements  Increased opportunities for professional development for faculty and staff  Classroom investments (TEAL, etc.) 4

5 Expenditures by Program FY10FY11FY12FY13 FY14 Actual BudgetedActualBudgeted 01 - Instruction $ Expenditures$67,586,996$68,742,184$70,535,497$80,802,219$78,528,376$85,879,375 Percent of Total48.5%47.5%46.0%47.9%47.0%48.2% 02 - Research $ Expenditures$1,046,911$1,182,373$1,399,704$1,219,405$1,299,080$1,252,314 Percent of Total0.8% 0.9%0.7%0.8%0.7% 03 - Public Service $ Expenditures$1,321,659$1,304,934$1,725,069$1,929,187$1,922,949$2,058,625 Percent of Total0.9% 1.1% 1.2% 04 - Academic Support $ Expenditures$17,894,116$19,318,667$19,159,117$22,531,777$21,665,655$21,897,601 Percent of Total12.8%13.3%12.5%13.4%13.0%12.3% 05 - Student Services $ Expenditures$9,949,346$10,423,267$11,039,553$12,448,762$12,443,253$13,175,035 Percent of Total7.1%7.2% 7.4% 06 - Institutional Support $ Expenditures$11,374,708$11,922,337$11,803,264$13,078,001$12,216,999$13,750,008 Percent of Total8.2% 7.7%7.8%7.3%7.7% 07 - Plant O & M $ Expenditures$17,374,773$17,218,184$21,083,274$19,163,491$19,087,536$19,417,877 Percent of Total12.5%11.9%13.7%11.4% 10.9% 08 – Scholarships & Fellowships $ Expenditures$12,947,408$14,613,829$16,641,154$17,437,902$19,921,281$20,648,640 Percent of Total9.3%10.1%10.8%10.3%11.9%11.6% Total $ Expenditures$139,495,917$144,725,775$153,386,632$168,610,744$167,085,129$178,079,475 Percent of Total100.0% 5

6 Faculty & Staff Ratios MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY Includes Gallatin College, FY11-present FY09 Actual FY10 Actual FY11 Actual FY12 Actual FY13 Actual FY13 Budgeted FY14 Budgeted Student FTE to Contract Faculty Ratio16.9 17.1 19.516.216.5 Student FTE to Contract Admin/Pro Ratio41.545.044.745.145.445.145.0 Student FTE to Classified Employee Ratio21.423.124.224.627.525.426.8 Change in employee FTE calculation method for FY13 Student to faculty ratio: Faculty hires now being made in support of enrollment growth  Funding was provided to Academic Affairs in FY12 and FY13 to support tenure-track & non-tenure track faculty hires, graduate teaching assistant stipends, associated benefits costs, and program enhancements. 46 new faculty joined MSU this Fall. Student to admin/professional/classified ratio: Increase in students served per employee  Continuing to invest in technology and process changes to address staff workloads  The OpenMSU website documents the roadmap and status of current projects, 6

7 Strengths Constituent interest and support Facilities improvements and equipment upgrades system-wide New varieties of spring wheat and winter wheat on millions of acres Pulse crops (peas, lentils, chickpeas) acres expanding Implementation of improved pest management on crops and livestock State and Federal grant successes remain good in extremely competitive environment Challenges Faculty, staff, and administration compensation Faculty and staff recruitment and retention (especially at rural centers) On-going facility improvements Field and laboratory equipment Federal sequestration 8% reduction and uncertainties in Farm Bill FY14 Funding: ≈ $13.3M State and ≈ $2.5M Federal FY13 Funding: ≈ $12.5M State and ≈ $2.0M Federal Montana Agricultural Experiment Station 7

8 MSU Extension Service 8 Strengths/Opportunities Our county partnership is very strong. County governments support local Extension programs. We provide service to all counties and five reservations in Montana, bringing an MSU presence to the entire state. Demographics and industries of state are changing and Extension must adapt to remain relevant and meet needs of local communities. Additional funding from Legislature allows two long vacant specialist positions to be filled and also for Local Government Center and Schutter Diagnostic Lab to continue to operate and serve Montanans. Challenges MSU Extension sustained an 8.9% sequestration reduction of $233,000 in Smith-Lever allocation for Federal 2013. Secure base funding for the Local Government Center after FY 2015. Secure base funding to fully support the operations of Schutter Diagnostic Lab. The 2013 Legislature provided partial base support. Outcome of the Farm Bill may have significant impact on Extension

9 Strengths State-wide communications Established relationships Increased firefighters skills and abilities Reduced risk to communities Challenges Size of the state Number & makeup of fire departments Opportunities Use of more technology Build more capacity in communities Establish more partnerships Revising curriculum, updating the resources,, and identifying training opportunities to enhance the expertise and skills of regional staff Fire Services Training School 9

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