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Prudhoe Community High School Year 13 Firm and Insurance Choices Monday 2 nd February 2015.

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1 Prudhoe Community High School Year 13 Firm and Insurance Choices Monday 2 nd February 2015

2 How are you going to make sure you get where you want to go? Trial exam results – targets Year 13 Parents’ Evening 13 Weeks left Make the changes

3 Responding to Offers All decisions received by 31 st March 2015 Must reply to offers by 6 h May 2015. All decisions received by 8 th May Must reply to offers by 7 th June 2015 All decisions received by 4 th June Must reply to offers by 25 th June 2015

4 F IRM AND I NSURANCE You have to select from your offers: A Conditional Firm Choice A Conditional Insurance Choice

5 D ECISIONS D ECISIONS ! - Once you have decided which offer to accept firmly, and which to accept as an insurance, you must decline all other offers. - If you don't want to accept any of the offers, you can decline them all! - If you have been rejected by all your choices or decide to reject all your offers you will then be eligible to use UCAS Extra.


7 F IRM C HOICE This should be the one you want to go to, but… You must consider the likelihood of achieving the entry requirements.

8 I NSURANCE C HOICE This should be a university you want to go to, but is your second choice. However: - You must be happy to go there. - It should be a significantly lower offer than your Firm Choice - It should be definitely achievable

9 UCAS EXTRA Available from 25 th February 2015 Provides a second chance to apply Who can add more courses in Extra? If you didn't use all five choices, you can add more in Track: 1)If it's before 30th June and you've not accepted or declined your offers 2)As long as you originally only applied to one choice and you pay the extra £11 in Track to add more. Talk to Mr Blight if considering this option

10 S CENARIOS NamePredicted Grades Firm Entry Requirements InsuranceIssues AmandaAAB ABBPerfectly acceptable, but insurance is very close. HughBBBBCCBBBFirm is lowest offer. RichardCCCABBBBBWill probably not access either course!

11 R EFLECTION … Think very carefully about your Firm and Insurance Decision Your Insurance offer should guarantee you are placed after your results. Make sure you are not in the position of being rejected by both your choices. Do not rush this decision – if in doubt talk to us. `GOOD LUCK

12 Prudhoe Community High School Year 13 Student Finance.

13 M ARTIN L EWIS – S TUDENT F INANCE JtE&feature=relmfu JtE&feature=relmfu


15 T HE C OST OF H IGHER E DUCATION Tuition Fees Maintenance Loans Maintenance Grants Other help is available

16 H IGHER E DUCATION T UITION F EES From September 2012 UK universities and colleges can charge: new full-time students up to £9,000 a year new part-time students up to £6,750 a year There are no restrictions on the amount private colleges or universities can charge. A Tuition fee loan will pay this directly to your UNI.

17 T UITION F EE L OAN From 2012/13 students can get a Tuition Fee Loan of up to: £9,000 for new full-time students, including full-time distance learning students. £6,750 for part-time students whose courses are at least 25 per cent of a full-time course each year (e.g. four years instead of one year full time) The Tuition Fee Loan is paid directly to the university or college. You don’t have to pay this back until after your course, when you are earning at a certain level.

18 How much do I earn before I pay it back? Earn under £21,000 and you'll never repay You only repay 9% of everything you earn annually above £21,000 of pre-tax salary once you've left university. Therefore if you've started repaying the loan, but then lose your job or take a pay cut, your repayments drop accordingly. If you earn £22,000 in a year, what do you repay? The answer is £90, as twenty two thousand is one grand above the threshold and 9% of £1,000 is £90. And if you earn £31,000, what do you repay? £900. Thirty one thousand is £10,000 above the threshold and 9% of that is £900.

19 Maintenance Loans Only full-time students can get Maintenance Loans and Maintenance Grants for their living costs. The maximum Maintenance Loan for new students starting in September 2012 is: £5,740 if students live away from home and study at a university or college outside London £8009 if students live away from home and study at a university or college in London £4,565 if students live at home

20 Maintenance Grant Students can also apply for: a full Maintenance Grant of £3,387 if household income is £25,000 or under. a partial Maintenance Grant if household income is between £25,000 and £42,600 (amount of grant varies depending on parents’ income)

21 Other help that’s available… Scholarships, bursaries and awards Students may be able to get a bursary, scholarship or award directly from their university or college. National Scholarship Programme Started in September 2012 and gives financial help to students studying in higher education in England. The NSP is designed to help students whose families’ income is £25,000 a year or less. Universities and colleges will decide who to give financial help to from this group. NSP awards are in addition to any other student finance, apart from help with tuition fees. Students who receive this kind of support under NSP will have their tuition fee loans adjusted accordingly.

22 If you change your mind next year… If you leave your course early you need to repay a percentage of the Tuition Fee Loan for that year. The percentages are: 25 per cent during term one 50 per cent during term two 100 per cent during term three

23 Completing The Form – play the video

24 Money Money Money When you'll get your money Full-time students get their student loan or grant after they register on their course at the start of term. Part-time students get grants around six weeks after returning their completed application form when term starts. Your money is paid into your bank account, except for Tuition Fee Loans which are paid directly to your university or college each term.

25 If your details or circumstances change… You must let Student Finance know If you’re a full-time student, you can log in to your student account and change the following details: address bank account password or secret answer course, such as changing course after your A level results; or leaving, returning or taking a break from a course loan amount or type, such as the Tuition Fee Loan amount if you become a parent To update your details online, log in to your account and select ‘Make a change to your application’ from the ‘My account’ screen.

26 Click on link to go to Student Finance Application page 46/sfe_pn1_notes_1516_d.pdf

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