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Update on CEC Certificate & Professional Master’s Degree Frank Wiley – Business Development.

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1 Update on CEC Certificate & Professional Master’s Degree Frank Wiley – Business Development

2 Introduction Executive Summary The concept for the C&PM program came from the Council of Graduate Schools’ recommendation for Professional Science Master’s programs. The PSM combines graduate-level technical training with a business education, to allow STEM graduates to further their careers in corporate and government roles. Planning Team CEC: Doug Troy and Tim Cameron Corporate & Community Institute (CCI): Pat McNab and Frank Wiley

3 Research Benchmarked competitive programs in the SW Ohio Reviewed Miami PMBA strategy Interviewed seven universities with PSM degrees Interviewed twelve CEC Advisory Council Members Contacted 1,500 CEC alumni in SW Ohio, with104 completing an online survey

4 Survey Results 94% felt that it was important or very important for engineers to have business training 66% of companies offer tuition reimbursement for MS degrees, with 69% of those paying full tuition Nearly 70% of respondents have taken professional development classes, like those from CCI More than half the companies offer both tuition support and time off for these type of classes Responses from: –CEC Advisory Council – Air Force Research Lab, Convergys, Messer & Schlumberger –Major corporations - P&G GE, Kroger and IBM

5 Non-STEM Requirements


7 Timeline and Next Steps 2013 – 2015 Certificate programs and planning –Offer certificate programs to test the market –Identify 5 corporate partners to help us define the master’s program and form Advisory Board –Develop master’s curriculum and instructors –Advertising campaign 2016 Launch master’s program –Location convenient to Cincinnati / Dayton corridor

8 Certificate Programs Structure of certificate programs –Four to six per semester –One to three days in length –Prices range from $400 to $1,200 Topics –Fall 2013: Strengths-Based Leadership; Digital Marketing; Project Management –Spring 2014: Lean/Six Sigma/Agile –Others: Business communication; Finance for non-financial managers

9 Proposed Master’s Structure Complete in 2 years –Classes meet 6:00 – 9:30, 2 days per week, one day per course –3 “semesters”: fall (2 courses), spring (2 courses), summer (1 course) –10 courses (30 credit hours) total –Concierge services: meals, books, registration, etc, provided; Courses offered VOA or onsite Curriculum –Foundation: Leadership and Business (5 courses) –Technical Concentration (4 courses) –Capstone Project related to individual’s career (1 course)

10 Proposed Master’s Curriculum Technical Concentration 2 Technical Concentration 3 Technical Concentration 4 LEADERSHIP / BUSINESS Foundation Capstone Project Technical Concentration 1

11 Proposed Master’s Curriculum Possible Technical Concentrations Computing Concentration: Cyber Security Defense Detection Response Intelligence Engineering Concentration: Mechanical and Manufacturing Automation and Advanced Manufacturing Modeling and Simulation of Engineering Systems Nonlinear Dynamics Advanced Vibrations

12 Leadership/Business Foundation Possible Courses - 1 Leadership Skills –Personal leadership –Team leadership –Strategic leadership –Creativity General Business Overview –Understanding business organization/structure –Finance for non-financial managers –Introduction to marketing

13 Leadership/Business Foundation Possible Courses - 2 Business communication –Technical writing –Non-technical writing –Presentation skills Thinking skills –Critical thinking –Creative thinking –Problem solving

14 Leadership/Business Foundation Possible Courses - 3 Finance and Accounting –Financial planning and analysis –Accounting fundamentals –Budgeting –Financial modeling Business strategy –Business growth –Marketing –Entrepreneurship –Decision Analysis

15 Leadership/Business Foundation Possible Courses - 4 Organizational excellence –Project management –Lean / Six Sigma –Agile Information Technology –Analytics –Infrastructure –Security –Mobility

16 Financial Estimates

17 Partnership Support & Benefits Create Advisory Board/Sponsors –Define foundation courses & technical concentrations –Help identify instructors –Shape the curriculum for your needs Provide Financial Backing –Five partners to fund development in spring 2014 –$10,000 per year for first two years Other Benefits to Partners –Access to graduates & interns / CEC Centers –Three on-campus Company Events –Reserved seats in Certificate programs –Opportunities to lecture in classes –Reduced-cost onsite courses

18 Please complete our survey in your packet and drop off at the door!

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