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Undocumented Students - What Can be Done? Presented by: Dave Woodward, Director of Financial Aid, Ripon College John Reinemann, Executive Secretary, HEAB.

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1 Undocumented Students - What Can be Done? Presented by: Dave Woodward, Director of Financial Aid, Ripon College John Reinemann, Executive Secretary, HEAB

2 Scope AreaPotential #Immediate # Ages 15 - 30 Future # Ages 5 - 14 United States1,764,542936,933426,329 Illinois83,08848,59318,864 Iowa6,0213,1521,438 Minnesota11,5306,0083,557 Wisconsin11,9225,8613,467 Source Immigration Policy dreamers-are-revised-estimates

3 Who’s Eligible for Aid? U.S. Citizens Eligible Non-Citizens: U.S. Nationals U.S. Permanent Residents (Green Card – that are actually blue) Have a I-94 showing Refugee, Asylum Granted, Cuban-Haitian Entrant (status pending), or Parolee Student (or parent) holds a T-Visa (victim of Human Trafficking) Battered immigrant-qualified alien Citizens of Micronesia, Republic of Marshall Islands, or the Republic of Palau

4 DREAM Act 2011 Would provide a path to citizenship to certain immigrant students who have grown up in the U.S and if they go to college and enter military service Would eliminate penalties to states who provide in-state tuition without regard to immigration status

5 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) DREAM Act 2011 failed passage in 112 th Congress Announced by Homeland Security, as directed by President Obama, on June 15, 2012 Applies to undocumented youths who have lived in the U.S. from a very young age Deferred action for 2 years, but may be renewed Does NOT provide an individual with lawful status, but most are also granted work authorization and may be eligible for a Social Security Number

6 DACA and Financial Aid Not eligible for federal financial aid Not eligible for resident (in-state) tuition in Wisconsin May be eligible for: Scholarships University/College specific financial aid Private Loans On path towards citizenship?

7 Wisconsin and the Dream Act The 2009 Biennial Budget (Wisconsin Act 28) exempted students from nonresident tuition if they -Graduated from a Wisconsin high school -Lived continuously in Wisconsin for at least three years during high school -Gained admission and began attending a UW or WTCS school -Provided UW or WTCS with proof of the above and proof of filing for a permanent resident visa

8 Wisconsin and the Dream Act Never provided eligibility for aid, merely for in-state tuition Program in place for two years, ended with passage of 2001 Act 32 (biennial budget) Wisconsin State Journal surveyed the 13 four-year UW campuses in 2011 and found that -70 students used the program in 2009-2010 -100 used it in 2010-2011 (some were second-time users) 2011 UW tuition: $8,987 versus $24,237 (per WSJ, 6/21/2014)

9 Minnesota and the Dream Act Minnesota has a Dream Act – effective July 2013 -Requirements similar to what Wisconsin used -Also requires Selective Service registration, which requires an SSN Unlike Wisconsin’s program, MN Dream Act DOES allow some access to some actual state aid (not just in-state tuition) if students meet usual MN residency requirement WI-MN tuition reciprocity does NOT convey access to MN Dream Act

10 MILITARY ACCESSIONS VITAL TO NATIONAL INTEREST (MAVNI) PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY Original pilot program approved in 2008. Currently extended through the end of FY 2016 Authorizes military services to recruit individuals in a legal immigration status – this includes DACA for the first time under the new extension Capped at 1500 recruits per year Skills are considered “vital to the national interest” –Certain health care professionals where there are shortages in the military –Language experts critical to DoD.

11 MAVNI MAVNI Fact Sheet sheet.pdf sheet.pdf Requires significant background check Allows for expedited U.S. citizenship process upon entering military service

12 NASFAA Tip Sheet - Handout Things to consider: –Immigration status does not impact student’s ability to apply and be accepted at post-secondary institutions. –Immigration status does impact student’s ability to receive federal and state financial aid. –Some states (12) in the country have enacted legislation to allow undocumented students to be charged lower in-state tuition –Other states (4) have enacted legislation to prohibit in-state tuition charges for undocumented students –A student born in the U.S. is considered a U.S Citizen and is eligible for federal and state financial aid regardless of parents’ immigration status. –Undocumented students may be eligible for institutional and private scholarships as well as the ability to work on campus.

13 Google Search – Undocumented Students Financial Aid

14 Resources Repository of Resources for Undocumented Students – College Board Provides state by state information for schools Students_2012.pdf Students_2012.pdf College Guide for Undocumented Students – Best Provides general guidance and information. Supporting Undocumented Students at U.S. Institutions of Higher Education Provides a series of Q&A’s related to undocumented students ents_And_Scholars/Supporting-Undocumented-Students-April-2013.pdf ents_And_Scholars/Supporting-Undocumented-Students-April-2013.pdf Financial Aid and Scholarships for Undocumented Students – Provides general information and potential search sites for scholarships

15 Google Search – Undocumented Students Financial Aid Students_2012.pdf Students_2012.pdf Resources.pdf Resources.pdf ents_And_Scholars/Supporting-Undocumented-Students-April-2013.pdf ents_And_Scholars/Supporting-Undocumented-Students-April-2013.pdf

16 Questions??? Thanks for attending

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