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State Tuition Claim PI-1524 July, 2010 Michele Tessner, School Finance Accountant

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1 State Tuition Claim PI-1524 July, 2010 Michele Tessner, School Finance Accountant

2 What is State Tuition? State Tuition is paid for students attending public schools who reside in: o Children’s Homes (includes jails and detention centers) o Students whose parents reside and work at a State or Federal facility (includes military camps) o Certain Foster and Group homes where Home is located outside the district of the parent or guardian and, Home is located on tax-exempt property OR District meets 4% rule

3 4% rule for Group & Foster Homes The FTE of all students residing in foster homes, including treatment foster or group homes, on taxable property must exceed 4% of the school district’s September resident FTE. If claiming based on 4% rule, send worksheet to DPI with claim. Worksheet is located at:

4 State Tuition School District’s and CCDEB’s are eligible to receive State Tuition. Claim is due on October 1. Payments are generally made in June and are based on prior year expenses. Approximately $8,983,000 is paid out in State Tuition annually.

5 State Tuition Claim Claim consists of 7 tabs o Instructions o PI-1524-SIG-TAX o PI-1524-A (Daily Rate) o PI-1524-SAC (Special Allocable Costs) o PI-1524-ALT (Exact Costs) o PI-1524-F o PI-1524-S (Summary)

6 Instructions tab Gives high level general instructions on how to complete the claim. Includes links to the Mediasite videos to assist you in completing each of the tabs. A Word document with complete instructions is located on the SFS Homepage-Tuition-State Tuition or at:

7 PI-1524-SIG-TAX Lists information about the facilities on the claim and whether they are tax exempt. Requests contact information of the person to be contacted with questions. Authorized official signs and certifies the claim. Certification now includes statements on out of state students or billing to other districts- removed from PI-1524-F. Form must have actual signature. Tax authority signs only if foster or group home on tax-exempt property, 3-a.

8 PI-1524-A, SAC and ALT Required tabs, either the ◦ A-tab for calculating a daily rate OR ◦ ALT-tab can be used if you are able to identify exact costs of the program SAC tab only will be filled out if related services are identified

9 PI-1524-A (Daily Rate) Calculates daily rates for instruction and transportation based on numbers from the annual report, ISES report, summer school report, district records and special education annual report. Calculates a general membership aid deduct for students that were counted. Line 48 and down are for special ed. If you are not claiming special ed, then you do not need to complete the fund 27 portion. Rates are transferred to the F-tab.

10 PI-1524-SAC (Special Allocable Costs) Special Allocable Costs for related services such as OT, PT, Speech and Language, individual aide, and special transportation services. These specific costs are most frequently identified on a per student basis. Total amounts per student are transferred to the F-tab line for that student

11 PI-1524-ALT (Exact Cost) This can be used if the exact costs of a program can be identified. A general membership aid deduction is calculated. This is the only rate transferred to the F-tab. A 5% administrative allowance is added to the costs identified. The total costs are transferred to the bottom lines of the F- tab.

12 PI-1524-F This tab combines the rates and amounts calculated on the previous tabs with the student data. The total amount of the claim per facility for regular or summer school is calculated on this page. Regular school and summer school should not be combined on one F-tab. Separate tabs should be made if claim is for both regular and summer school.

13 PI-1524-F Counting for State Tuition If the student was counted on the count date in either September or January, the student should be marked as counted for all claimed school year and summer service dates.

14 PI-1524-F Changes Unduplicated headcount has been removed. This will be calculated during the audit by DPI. Please be consistent with the format of names to help with this process. The Out of State Placement and Billed to Another District have been moved to the signature page certification.

15 PI-1524-F Changes cont. The worksheet will give you the total fund 10 and fund 27 claim amounts. Special Allocable Costs and Exact Costs are placed in column Q at the bottom of the page rows 1501-1503. Freeze panes has been applied to the worksheet so the headers are always visible. The green highlighted row gives you the column totals so you don’t have to scroll to the bottom.

16 PI-1524-F Changes cont. Edits will turn lines blue until defined criteria are met. o Number of days enrolled must be reasonable based on days of service. o Total FTE per line should not be greater than one. o Total FTE per line should not equal zero. o Total Count per line should not be greater than one. o Total Count per line should not equal zero.

17 PI-1524-S (Summary) Form summarizes all F-tabs in one place to show you your total claim. Form has been revised and simplified. Funds 10 and 27 are separated, as well as summer and regular school.

18 Questions? Contact Michele Tessner, School Finance Accountant at 608-267-9218 or Or Lori Ames, School Finance Consultant at 608-266-3464 or

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