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The Great Depression 1929–1939.

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1 The Great Depression 1929–1939

2 Overview Period from the end of 1929 until the onset of World War II, during which economic activity slowed tremendously and unemployment was very high.

3 Overview The Great Depression started with the 1929 Wall Street stock market crash. It had devastating effects on all sectors of the economy for over a decade. Wages for workers who were lucky enough to have jobs fell drastically.

4 Effects Businesses Failed

5 Financial Institutions Closed
Effects Financial Institutions Closed

6 Effects Factories Shut Down

7 Farm Prices Fell Drastically
Effects Farm Prices Fell Drastically

8 Many People Became Homeless
Effects Many People Became Homeless

9 Effects People Went Hungry

10 Test Your Knowledge

11 Question 1 By 1932, how many people were unemployed?
In 1930, 5 million people were unemployed. By 1932, how many people were unemployed? 7 Million 10 Million 13 Million

12 NO Try again

13 YES

14 Question 2 How much higher was African-American unemployment compared to white unemployment? 10–20% Higher 30–50% Higher 60–70% Higher

15 NO Try again

16 YES

17 Question 3 Besides African-Americans, which group suffered the most during the depression? Women Farmers Whites

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19 YES

20 Question 4 Presently, accountants earn about $750 per week. How much did they earn during the depression? $45 per week $65 per week $95 per week

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22 YES

23 Question 5 Presently, the average cost of a woman’s winter coat is about $150. How much did it cost during the depression? $5 $17 $28

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25 YES

26 End

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