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A Homelessness Strategy Initiative SA’s Regionalisation project Ingrid Scicluna Ph: 08 8207 0121 |

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1 A Homelessness Strategy Initiative SA’s Regionalisation project Ingrid Scicluna Ph: 08 8207 0121 | Homelessness and Violence Against Women Collaborations in regions across South Australia

2 The Regionalisation project: Brings together local services supporting people experiencing homelessness & domestic & Aboriginal family violence Provides a means for stakeholders to come together to brainstorm ideas about addressing homelessness and violence against women in their region Identifies local leaders to drive the Collaboration Supports the Collaboration to build and invest in their communities Brings together regional Collaborations from across SA

3 What does the project team do? Begins with a mapping exercise & consults with existing groups Conducts regional workshops to engage stakeholders, identify priority areas & strategies for action Supports the development of a clear: Terms of Reference - describing the purpose, structure and direction of the Collaboration Regional Action Plan - explaining how the Collaboration will work together to achieve the actions Has been a partnership with Office for Women

4 Who’s involved ? Stakeholders responding to people experiencing or at risk of Homelessness and Domestic & Aboriginal Family Violence all bring skills, ideas & resources to a Collaboration. Homelessness and Domestic & Aboriginal Family Violence Services Government Departments – focusing on housing, child protection, education, mental health, drug & alcohol, employment, etc. SAPOL & Local Councils Other non government services - Youth Centres, ATSI & CALD specific services etc.

5 What do Homelessness and Violence Against Women Collaborations do? Services come together to respond to local homelessness & VAW issues in their region Develop Regional Action Plans to guide their work Working Groups focus on key areas of work e.g Youth Homelessness, Boarding houses, Aboriginal Homelessness, VAW & Violence Against Communities Share regional training opportunities Look for opportunities to improve the way services work together – both regionally and across SA Report gaps in service delivery that are not able to be solved at a regional level to Homelessness Strategic Group (HSG)

6 What was important to consider? A shared understanding of the purpose of the Collaboration was required Acknowledgement of existing Collaborations, networks & working groups Support existing strategies and plans A need to develop a partnership with the Office for Women to implement the VAW Collaborations Collaboration in country areas and metropolitan areas

7 South Australia’s Homelessness and Violence Against Women Collaboration’s Housing Round Table (Strategic) Housing Round Table (Operational) Inner Nthrn Boarding House Group Inner Nthrn VAW Working Group Inner Nthrn Youth Working Group Inner Nthrn Homelessness Working Group Outer Northern HVAW Inner Northern Port Pirie/ Yorke Peninsula Eyre Housing Round Table Port Lincoln HVAW Ceduna Whyalla Western HVAW Collaboration Riverland Communit y Services Alliance Murray Bridge Inner Nthrn HVAW Collaboratio n Coober Pedy HVAC Port Augusta HVAC APY Lands Inner Sthrn Homelessness Collaboration Yorke & Mid North Eastern Adelaide & Statewide Services Community Services Round Table Limeston e Coast HVAW – Homelessness & Violence Against Women VAW – Violence Against Women HVAC – Homelessness & Violence Against Community Homelessness Strategic Group Regions Collaborations Working Groups Regions to be explored Outer Southern Fleurieu/ Kangaro o Island Western Domestic Violence Reference Group Housing Round Table KI Community Service Forum Outer Northern Murray Mallee Eyre & Western Homelessness Collaboration (Operational) Onkaparinga Collaborative Approach Housing Round Table (Strategic) Inner Souther n Risk & Vulnerability Group Limestone VAW Homelessness Collaboration Streetlink Working Party Communication Strategy Group Specialist Assistance School Working Group Suicide Prevention Strategy Far North

8 Collaboration benefits Improved awareness of the range of services available for clients Coordinated services at a regional & statewide level – understanding the Specialist Homelessness Service system A shared understanding of the issues that are specific to a particular region Provides a space for prevention work to be undertaken Provides opportunity for new and emerging issues to be discussed

9 Real life Examples Inner North – Collecting & analysing service data to identify the gaps for clients/ looking at a supportive housing mentoring program Western- Facilitated a White ribbon luncheon with the local council /working towards a VAW information mobile phone application Limestone Coast – Brings community services together through a range of working groups Coober Pedy – Working together to develop a homelessness service model All organisations use SA Community website 1800 Respect ‘dunny door’ campaign across the state

10 Project Challenges Needs a focussed worker to get the collaboration up and going Promotion of the Collaboration concept to attract stakeholders to be involved Achieve a shared purpose & stay focussed Understand that implementation can be challenging Identify opportunities for smaller agencies to actively participate - including the community Maintaining commitment & avoid it being a ‘talk fest”!

11 The future Communication and information sharing Showcasing projects/ best practice models Sharing resources High Risk & Vulnerability groups(Joint Case Management) Linking it to service core business Forums for Chairs of Collaborations – twice per year? Links to Regionalism – Re-Imagine

12 Thank you Any Questions ? Ingrid Scicluna Ph: 08 8207 0121 |

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