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Health Care Workforce Development Encouraging Pursuit of Careers in Health Care Pre-Application Conference January 14, 2010.

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1 Health Care Workforce Development Encouraging Pursuit of Careers in Health Care Pre-Application Conference January 14, 2010

2 The Workforce Team Robyn GrierSenior Program Officer Craig Biehle Program Officer/Team Lead Kathleen HolmesProgram Officer Matt Kuhlenbeck Program Officer Arati MalekuProgram Associate Jenny Minelli Program Assistant Thomas McAuliffePolicy Analyst Damon GreenCommunications/ Frank Rybak Grants Manager Amy GannResearch Specialist

3 Program Overview Goal Implement comprehensive workforce development programs designed to increase the healthcare workforce practicing in rural, urban and underserved areas.

4 Requests for Applications

5 Request for Applications (pgs. 1-2) EPOCH Goal: Implement programs that use promising strategies to encourage and engage youth to explore careers in health care. Funding will support organizations that: Provide new, enhanced, or youth focused projects; Promote awareness, recruitment, preparation and training for health careers; and, Target students in grades K - 12

6 Request for Applications (pgs. 1-2) Applicants are encouraged to: Use evidenced-based strategies Seek to diversify the workforce Focus on rural and underserved area Work with cross-sector partners Identify organizational and public policies affecting health care workforce issues

7 Program Evaluation (pg. 3) Conduct internal evaluation of program efforts. Including, but not limited to: establish baseline, collect data, analyze results, and recommend project improvements based on results. See Project Plan (pg. 13)

8 Funding Guidelines (pg. 3) Limited to 3 years of funding not to exceed $150,000 (up to $50,000/year) Anticipate awarding up to five grants See the budget narrative instructions (pages 15-19 of the application)

9 Eligibility (pg. 3) Registered with the Secretary of State and in good standing. MFH’s total funding cannot exceed 25% of an organization’s annual expense budget. In-kind expenses are not considered in determining the size of an annual expense budget. Only one application accepted per program area per applicant Applicant cannot re-grant funds to any other organization

10 Fiscal Agents (pg. 4) Fiscal agent will be responsible for all terms and conditions of the Grant Award Agreement MFH will require financial information from both the applicant and fiscal agent Project organization must submit written explanation outlining need for fiscal agent

11 Selection Applications meeting minimum qualifications are assigned to a review team. All documentation is present. All questions are addressed. Application is received on time. Reviewed according to Project Narrative Instructions, pgs. 10-12.

12 Checklist (pgs. 7-8) Applications missing any required materials will not be accepted Application cover sheet Application narrative Project plan Project budget Budget assumptions/justification Letters of support Memorandum(s) of Understanding (MOUs) MOU for fiscal agent Explanation of need for fiscal agent

13 Application Checklist (pg. 8.) Supporting Documentation Tax determination letter List of board members Annual audit report Annual budget Current financial statements ○Income statement ○Balance sheet

14 Proposal Criteria (pg. 10) Project Overview Synopsis, name of intervention, need, planned activities Total program budget, MFH amount requested, and cost per person Background Information Describe the problem that prompts the proposed program and how the project will address the identified need or problem Data that describes the target population to be served Current availability of services or programming similar to those proposed

15 Proposal Criteria cont. (pgs. 10-12) Project Plan Complete Project Plan (pg. 13) Includes specific goals, objectives, and activities Also includes measures, roles/responsibilities, and timelines Evaluation Specify staff responsible for evaluation of program Describe how evaluation will be implemented; tools to be used, sample questions, etc. Describe data collection and analysis activities

16 Project Plan

17 Proposal Criteria (pg. 11) Organizational Profile Mission statement Organization’s experience and qualifications People responsible for the program Collaborations/Partnerships Financial Profile State or federal funding sources, if any Other sources of organizational revenue In-kind services Sustainability strategies after MFH funding

18 Review Process Initial Review for Eligibility Staff Review MFH Program and Grants Committee MFH Board of Directors

19 Timeline Application Due: February 8, 2010 by 4:00 pm Staff Review: February 2010 – May 2010 Program and Grants Committee Review: June 2010 Funding decisions by MFH Board of Directors: July 2010 Anticipated Start Date: September 2010

20 Questions Any additional questions, please contact Craig Biehle or Kathleen Holmes at 314.345.5500 Thank you!

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