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Ecosystem Chapter 26 Review.

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1 Ecosystem Chapter 26 Review

2 ___________ refers to the normal changes in the types of species that live in communities?

3 Succession

4 A(n) __________ is a group of organisms found in a stable
Stage of succession.

5 climax community

6 Deciduous trees are dominant in the __________.

7 temperate deciduous forest

8 The average temperature in _________ is between 9 degrees
C and 12 degrees C.

9 temperate rainforest

10 __________ are the most biologically diverse biomes in the

11 Tropical rain forest

12 A(n) __________ is an area where fresh water meets the ocean.

13 estuary

14 What are tundra and desert examples of?

15 biomes

16 What is a hot, dry biome called?

17 desert

18 Where would organisms that are adapted to live in slightly
salty water be found?

19 estuary

20 Which biome contains mostly frozen soil call permafrost?

21 tundra

22 A new island is formed from a volcanic eruption
A new island is formed from a volcanic eruption. Which species probably would be the first to grow and survive?

23 lichens

24 What would the changes in communities that take place on a recently formed volcanic island best be described as?

25 primary succession

26 What is the stable end stage of succession?

27 climax community

28 average weather pattern in an area over a long period of time

29 climate

30 gradual changes that occur in the types of species that live in an area

31 ecological succession

32 development of new communities in newly created land areas without any soil

33 Primary succession

34 takes place in an area with soil that was once the home of living organisms

35 Secondary succession

36 an area that has reached a stable stage of ecological succession

37 Climax community

38 large geographic areas with similar climates and ecosystems

39 biomes

40 soil layer below the thawed surface in tundra and taiga biomes

41 permafrost

42 foundation of open ocean food chain

43 plankton

44 area where a river meets the ocean

45 estuary

46 All of the following are likely areas for secondary succession EXCEPT ______.
flooded land exposed coral reefs abandoned logging areas the land after a forest fire

47 B

48 A __________ biome is a cold, dry area where the sun barely rises during the winter.

49 tundra

50 Temperate deciduous forest have all of the following EXCEPT _________.
a. poor soil for plants b. four seasons c. trees that lose leaves in autumn d. precipitations throughout the year

51 A

52 The first species to inhabit a new area are called ________ species.

53 pioneer

54 During primary succession, ________ begins to form as lichens and the forces of erosion help break down rocks.

55 soil

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