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The French and Indian War

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1 The French and Indian War



4 Who was involved? The war was between France and England.
The French were outnumbered, so they used their Native American allies.

5 Why was there a war? The French wanted to expand their fur trading into the Ohio River Valley. The English colonists were trying to settle in the Ohio River Valley.

6 Why was there a war? There was a dispute over who owned the territory.
Both sides thought the other was pushing into territory they owned.

7 Where was the war fought?
The war was fought along the frontiers of The French settlements and the English colonies. From the Virginia colony to French Nova Scotia (Canada).

8 When was the war? The war lasted from 1754 to 1763.
In England it was called the Seven Years War….. The war actually lasted nine years.

9 Important dates 1753: The Virginia colony sent George Washington to tell the French to leave the Ohio River Valley and the French said no.

10 Important dates April 1754: France took over a half built English fort. They finish it and call it Fort Duquesne.

11 Important Dates July 1754: Washington went to finish and protect the fort, but it had been taken over. He built another fort in the area and called it Fort Necessity.

12 Important dates July 3, 1754: France Attacked Fort Necessity and Washington surrendered. The French let Washington go back to Virginia once he surrendered.

13 The Great Expulsion 1755: The British forced the Acadian people from their homes in French Canada. 

14 The Great Expulsion The deported Acadians were to be sent to the 13 colonies and France.

15 The Great Expulsion Most died during the voyage.
Those that didn’t die ended up in the Louisiana Territory.





20 More Important Dates 1759: England takes Quebec (Capitol of the Canadian Territory.) 1763: England Wins and draws the Proclamation line of 1763.

21 Important Vocabulary Albany Plan of Union: Written in1754 by Benjamin Franklin. It was a plan to unite the 13 colonies against the French. It was not accepted and never used.


23 Important Vocabulary Treaty of Paris: Stated that England got all of north America east of the Mississippi River…..except New Orleans.

24 Important Vocabulary Proclamation of 1763: Forbid colonists to settle west of the Appalachian Mountains because it was too hard to defend against the Native Americans.



27 OUTCOME England gained all the land east of the Mississippi River.
England also gained Florida from Spain (France’s ally).

28 OUTCOME Spain took control of the Louisiana Territory.
Colonists could not settle west of the Appalachian Mountains. (Proclamation Line of 1763)

29 OUTCOME England went into debt because of the war and decided to tax the colonies so they could pay back the debt.

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