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From Appeasement To War

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1 From Appeasement To War
14.1 Notes

2 I. Aggression Goes Unchecked
Japan overruns Manchuria League of Nations does nothing Italy invades Ethiopia League voted sanctions but did not enforce Hitler re-arms and occupies Rhineland Both violations of Versailles treaty

3 II. Appeasement and Neutrality
Appeasement- giving in to the demands of an aggressor United States passes Neutrality Acts Neutrality Acts- laws that forbid loans or selling of arms to nations at war Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis- agreement to fight communism and not interfere with each other

4 III. Why the West Appeased Hitler
Fear of modern weaponry Pacifism following WWI Pacifism- opposition to all war Great Depression Faith in diplomacy Fascism a defense vs. communism

5 IV. Spain Collapses Into Civil War
Francisco Franco- led a revolt that turned into a civil war Hitler, Mussolini supported Franco Stalin supported his opponents Spain was used by Hitler as a testing ground for new weapons Guernica- Spanish town that was bombed, 1,600 innocents die Franco becomes fascist dictator

6 V. German Aggression Continues
Austria Annexed Called Anschuluss Nazis already controlled top government posts Hitler just walked in and took it Czech crisis Hitler wanted Sudetenland, a German speaking portion of Czechoslovakia

7 VI. The Munich Conference
Munich Conference- West persuaded Czech to surrender Sudetenland to Hitler to avoid war British PM Chamberlain declared “peace for our time” Hitler assured them that there were no further plans to expand

8 VII. Europe Plunges Toward War
March 1939 Hitler takes the rest of Czech Britain, France pledge to defend Poland, Hitler’s likely next target Nazi-Soviet Pact- non- aggression pact Secretly agreed not to fight if one went to war and to divide up Eastern Europe and Poland September 1st, Hitler invades Poland WWII begins

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