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2014 CLA Retreat Mission, Vision, Strategic Planning.

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1 2014 CLA Retreat Mission, Vision, Strategic Planning

2 Constitutional revisions

3 Agenda 8:30-9:00 Continental Breakfast 9:00-9:30Welcome and CLA Constitutional Revisions 9:30-9:45Introduction: Mission, Vision, Strategic Planning (Lynda McCroskey) 9:45-10:45Breakout session 1: brainstorming on Mission and Vision Statements 10:45-11:00Break 11:00-12:00Dean's address: Intentional GE Themes; Q & A. 12:00-12:45Lunch 12:45-1:45Breakout session 2: brainstorming: Strategic Planning (short and longer term goals) 1:45Raffle/door prizes 2:00End

4 Constitution: Topics slated for review FC issues – Defining full-time faculty for representation on FC [sect.2] under consideration: counted by FTEF (as in AS) – Number of faculty per FC rep (currently 10) [sect. 2] – Program representation on FC and criteria [sect. D, Academic Areas] – Procedures for election of FC Executive [not included; new sect. C.6.] Inclusion of Awards Committee in Constitution [new section C.12] RTP Committee membership: [sect. B.9] – review “no more than one member from one academic area” – review “Department chairs and Program Directors may not serve on this committee” (current constitution; not included in new CLA RTP document)

5 Programs CLA PROGRAMS American Studies: BA Major and Minor 1 program director __ full-time faculty 33 affiliated faculty American Indian Studies: BA Minor and Certificate 1 program director 1 full-time faculty member (program director) 5 part-time/adjunct faculty Environmental Science and Policy: BA and BS Major and minor (NOT currently represented on FC) with College of Natural Sciences 1 Director 2 full-time faculty 10 core faculty (7 from CLA) 18 affiliated faculty (7 from CLA) International Studies: BA Major and Minor 1 director 4 full-time faculty 10/11 affiliated faculty Jewish Studies: BA Major and Minor 1 director 8 board members 4 + affiliated faculty Latin American Studies: BA Minor and Certificate (NOT currently represented on FC) 2 Co-directors 1 Assistant director 23 affiliated faculty Middle Eastern Studies: BA Minor (NOT currently represented on FC) 1 director 11 affiliated faculty

6 Composition of Budget committee [sect. B.8] Special meeting 2/18/14 : “4 of those members shall be appointed by the Faculty Council from faculty nominated by the Dean; 5 shall be elected by the faculty. ALTERNATIVE proposed by Dean Wallace in conversation with Exec 2/26/14 "The Dean and the Executive Committee shall solicit nominations and the Faculty Council will elect the number of members necessary to fill the seats for the appropriate terms needed to stagger the membership of the committee.”

7 Executive Committee Elections a. Nominations and candidate statements of no more than 150 words shall be solicited by the elections committee. These statements will be distributed to Faculty Council members in advance of the final meeting of the Spring semester. Nominations from the floor may also be accepted at the elections meeting. A brief (2 minute) oral statement may be made by candidates or nominators at this time. In this event, other candidates may make oral statements of the same length. b. Elections will proceed one by one in the following order: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Member-at-Large 1, Member-at-Large 2. Candidates for one position who are not elected may add their names to the ballot for the next position. c. Candidates are elected with a simple majority. If no majority is achieved, a runoff vote will be conducted.

8 Awards Committee 12.1. Membership a. The Awards Committee shall have 5 faculty members and two alternates elected by the tenured and probationary faculty of the College. b. There shall be no more than one faculty member from any one academic area. c. Faculty members of the Committee shall serve staggered two-year terms and shall serve no more than two consecutive terms. d. Department Chairs and Program Directors may not serve on this Committee. e. Members of the Awards Committee may not be nominated for an award, have nominated another faculty member for an award, or serve on the committee if evaluating any nominee presents potential conflict of interest due to existing relationships including but not limited to supervisors, co-authors, collaborators, spouses, or significant others. Elected members to the committee who discover such conflicts of interest at the time of receipt of submissions shall recuse themselves and be replaced by an alternate. 12.2. Duties and Functions a. The Awards Committee shall review all submissions sent to the Dean's office for student awards and select winners in each category. b. The Awards Committee shall also review faculty submissions to the Dean's office for the following: the Distinguished Faculty Scholarly and Creative Achievement Award, the Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award and the Early Academic Career Excellence Award and the Distinguished Faculty Advising Award. The College Awards Committee shall review and rank the submissions. The College Awards Committee shall then forward the nominees’ submitted materials, along with the Committee’s recommendation and ranking, to the Academic Senate Office.

9 Mission/Vision/Strategic planning What is a Mission Statement? What is a Value/Vision Statement? Elements of a Strategic Plan.

10 Strategic Planning Elements Section 1: Executive Summary Section 2: Elevator Pitch Section 3: College Mission Statement Section 4: SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats Section 5: Goals Section 6: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)/Assessment Section 7: Target Audiences Section 8: Comparative Analysis Section 9: Competitive Analysis & Advantage Section 10: Marketing Plan Section 11: Team Section 12: Operations Plan Section 13: Financial Projections

11 Breakout Session 1 Tables will brainstorm wording to represent the CLA’s Mission and Value/Vision Statements in light of the University Mission Statement articulated by the Provost. Follow-on/complementary table discussion points: Consider points 4, 7, 8, 9 Please identify a note-taker/secretary for each table as well as a person to put key points on flip charts, and someone to present the table's work during the reporting back session. Notes should be emailed to: and

12 BREAKOUT SESSION 2 Tables will draw on all the relevant items related to Strategic Planning to identify a. one or two long term goals b. one or two short-term goals (ideally, related to the long-term ones) c. one or two strategies/initiatives for reaching those goals d. resource, policy or practical implications for achieving those goals e. one form of assessment of a strategy/initiative

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