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Statewide Network of Middle Level Liaisons PROPOSED BY-LAWS.

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1 Statewide Network of Middle Level Liaisons PROPOSED BY-LAWS

2 General Membership  Meeting attendance is open to any educator with an interest in Middle Level Education who wishes to work to further the Mission and Vision of the Statewide Network of Middle Level Liaisons.  Membership will be determined on an annual basis at the November meeting. Membership will be based upon the payment of the annual meeting fee due at that time.  Members will all be assigned to one of the following ten JMT Regions Capital District/North CountryLarge City Long IslandCentral Region Lower Hudson ValleyWest Mid-Hudson Mid-South Mid State Mid West

3 General Membership  Only members who have paid the annual meeting fee will have the following voting privileges:  Election of their JMT Executive Committee representative  Amendment of By-laws  Members may send a substitute in their place and that substitute shall have the proxy of the voting member they represent.  A majority of the members present is required to pass an amendment to the By-laws

4 Executive Committee  All elected Executive Committee members must be employed by either a New York State public school, private school, school district or sole supervisory district.  One voting member representing each of the ten Joint Management Team (JMT) regions identified previously. These seats are determined by a majority ballot of the members of each JMT – 10 seats  Up to 5 additional non-voting members may be appointed by the executive committee leadership – 5 seats  One non voting member representing SED – 1 seat  In the year 2007-08 and 2008-09 one voting executive committee seat will be added for each of the original steering committee members in order to effectively transition to the new organizational structure. Beginning in November 2009 those seats will be abolished. - 4 seats

5 Executive Committee Terms  Each executive committee member will serve a two year term. Each executive committee member may serve up to 2 consecutive terms. Members may be reelected to the EC after a 2 year absence.  Beginning with November 2007 each of the following executive committee representatives will serve a 3 year term in order to stagger committee membership. West, Mid State, Large City, Lower Hudson Valley, Mid-West  Each executive committee member will be elected by their JMT region at the November meeting.  The following executive committee officers will be elected by the executive committee by a majority, and will serve a 2 year term provided they are reelected if necessary by their JMT Region: Chair - Chair - Elect Treasurer Recorder Secretary

6 Duties of the Executive Committee Members  Elect Executive Committee leadership positions: Chair, Chair Elect, Recorder, Secretary, Treasurer  Attend the semi annual meeting on the final day of the general meeting from noon – 2:00 pm or as otherwise scheduled  Attend additional planning meetings if necessary  Plan Agenda for Spring/Fall general membership meetings  Chair workgroups or committees  Act as facilitators at meetings  Other duties as assigned  Only Executive Committee may propose changes to the By-laws for consideration by the general membership

7 Duties of Chair Convene meeting Confirm membership Confirm meeting agenda. Set the Executive Committee agenda, time and place. Facilitate discussion Act as or designate an alternate to represent The Middle Level Liaisons when requested by NYSED or other organizations. Coordinate the Executive Committee tasks and duties Ensure all by-laws are followed. Maintain relationship with NYSED Liaison.

8 Duties – Chair Elect Serve as chair in his/her absence Assist in facilitating Spring and Fall General Meeting Agenda Work with SED Liaison to provide operational support for Spring and Fall Agenda Other duties as assigned

9 Duties of the Recorder Take notes at each Spring and Fall general Liaisons meeting to be distributed to membership. Provides electronic copies of all pertinent information gathered at the Fall and Spring general Liaisons meetings Provides for maintenance of list-serve Provides for archival of records and documents for the Spring and Fall meeting. Other duties as assigned

10 Duties of the Secretary Record and maintain minutes of the Executive Committee Meetings Produce and send thank you notes to all presenters at Fall and Spring meetings Handle all official correspondence for the Liaisons. Other duties as assigned

11 Duties of the Treasurer Maintain membership records Monitors income and expenses Assigns facilities coordinator Makes financial reports to the Executive Committee at least once per year. Other duties as assigned

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