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Consign with. Consign with Westlake Companies 805.496.4969 x225.

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1 Consign with

2 Consign with Westlake Companies 805.496.4969 x225

3 A Message From our CEO and Founder When we started in the auction business over 32 years ago, we could not have predicted that our business would grow to become one of the leading auction companies in the world. Today, after having offered tens of thousands of items worth hundreds of millions of dollars in person and on-line, and selling in 52 different countries to thousands of eager buyers, there is hardly a part of the world we haven’t sold to, or a type of item we haven’t sold for companies like yours. Live and online auctions continue to grow at an extraordinary rate, drawing more and more bidders and creating tremendous opportunity for smart sellers. Companies like yours need to constantly find new channels to offer their goods for sale. (cont’d)

4 A Message From our CEO and Founder (cont’d) Live and online auctions are sales channels you should consider, but creating and maintaining the necessary expertise can be a complex challenge. In these pages, you will discover how selling with Westlake Companies solves that problem. You will see how we sell so many items to so many people, and how you might be eligible to partner with us to bring these same kinds of results to you and your company. We are currently accepting a limited number of new sellers. Drew Donen Founder and CEO, Westlake Companies 805.496.4969 x222

5 Time is money. Sell your inventory now.

6 Westlake Companies Story Drew Donen founded Spectrum Car Auctions in 1982 and quickly developed a reputation as one of the largest, best-attended public classic and exotic automobile auctions in the World. Nineteen years later, Drew turned his attention to raising money for charities and organizations who needed assistance with organizing, promoting and running auctions on their own. Since then, the Charity Auction Business has generated tens of millions of dollars for numerous good causes. To this day, our Charity Auction Business continues to raise money in these live, in-person and online events where we put incredible merchandise in front of very high profile, high demographic donors. In 2009 we started helping for-profit companies with luxury items, including jewelry, watches, rare coins, memorabilia, automobiles and other exciting and valuable items to sell their inventory faster in live and online auctions. (cont’d)

7 Westlake Companies Story (cont’d) Unlike eBay, which runs timed auctions for individual items, our auctions are live, combining the reach of an online auction with the excitement of a live auction. Items are prepared, photographed and displayed perfectly to entice potential buyers to bid and win. Some of the best-selling items we offer are jewelry, watches antiques and other items of value, much of it provided by companies like yours, who like to sell their inventory faster in a simple, safe, profitable way. We have found that the less we ask our selling partners to do, the more successful they will become. We take care of everything. And it’s because of our fine selection of inventory that we attract as many qualified buyers as we do. Your inventory might be an excellent addition to our offerings. Inquire today: 805-496-4969 x225

8 Why Consign to Westlake Companies? We turn your inventory quickly. We either sell it fast or return it to you at our expense. We run over 100 auctions every month, live in- person and live online. We cover 100% of the marketing costs. We get millions of page views for our auctions and items monthly. We do just about everything. All you do is send us your items with your memo and a few details, and we do the rest.

9 Sell more with Westlake Companies.

10 What our Customers Say About Us…. “Westlake Companies helped us to increase our bottom line." "Working with Westlake Companies has been risk free and very profitable for our company." "My father had always run his business the same way. Now we work with Westlake Companies and our sales revenues are higher than ever." "My experience with Westlake Companies has been easier than I had thought it would be. I've sold more through them last year than all my other sales methods combined." "Our cash flow issues seem to have been solved now that we are working with Westlake Companies." “Westlake Companies has given my products exposure to hundreds of thousands of people I never would have reached."

11 Unlike eBay, which runs timed auctions, our auctions are live and exciting. The public is invited to bid on each item and each lot is sold and closed one item at a time. Your items are perfectly photographed and presented to entice exactly the right bidders from all over the world to eagerly bid and win your items. Why Live and Online Auctions?

12 What we do... We take professional photographs. We describe, label and track every item we receive. We appraise the items when necessary. We store every item in our high security vault with 24-hour monitoring. Your items are fully insured while in our possession. We get your item ready for auction quickly and efficiently. We market and promote your items. We invoice and collect from the winning bidders. We provide an accounting to you every two weeks, with payment for your sold items. We promptly return any unsold items. How we work together What you do... You send your items. You set your price. You will get a full report and payments starting as soon as two weeks later.

13 We will help you make money just as we have for our other selling partners.

14 Your items will be perfectly represented for quick sale.

15 Profitable Safe Risk Free Safe Easy Fast

16 Frequently Asked Questions Q: Is Westlake Companies reputable? A: Our founder has been in the auction business for over 32 years. Our Charity Auction Business has an A+ Rating with the BBB and is listed in the Red Book. We do business with your friends and business associates. Ask us for references. Q: What does your service cost me? A: Nothing. All of our services are free to you. Q: What types of items should I send you? A: You know your merchandise best, so we rely on your expertise. You provide the items and we'll provide the buyers. (cont’d)

17 Frequently Asked Questions (cont’d) Q: What price range of items sell best? A: We have been successful offering items valued between $500 and $1 million. Q: Are my items safe? A: Absolutely. Your items are fully insured while they are here and during shipment. Q: Is there any risk to me? A: None whatsoever. Our offices and staff are bonded and insured. Our safes are state of the art and secure. Q: When will I get paid? A: Every two weeks you will receive a report detailing what sold and a check.

18 Our promise to you 1) We will review your application promptly. 2) We will handle your inventory with care and safety. 3) We will promote your items continually. 4) We will offer your items to qualified buyers. 5) We provide complete transparency. 6) We make it easy for you to do business with us. 7) We pay you quickly for your sold items. Contact us today for more information 805.496.4969 x225

19 Call to request a consultation 805.496.4969 x225

20 Our Mission "Extraordinary people delivering happiness through great products and amazing service."

21 Consign with Westlake Companies 805-496-4969 x225 Consign with Westlake Companies 805-496-4969 x225

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