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A is for animals. There are lots of animals on the farm.

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3 A is for animals. There are lots of animals on the farm.

4 B is for barn. The farmer feeds the animals in the barn.

5 B is for bull. The big bull stays in the pen. He has grass to eat.

6 C is for chick. When the yellow chick gets six months old it will lay eggs.

7 D is for dog. The dog has a doghouse in the backyard.

8 E is for egg. The girl is collecting eggs in the chicken coop.

9 F is for farmer and field. The farmer has a fence around his field. He keeps his animals in the field because they need space and food.

10 G is for goat. The goats are drinking water at the pond. They eat grass in the field.

11 H is for hen. The hen lays the eggs and when they hatch, she protects the chicks from the fox.

12 H is for horse and hay. The horse eats the hay. The children like to ride the horse.

13 I is for incubator. The children are checking the eggs in the incubator. The eggs are going to hatch soon.

14 J is for jeep. The farmer wears a warm jacket and jeans and drives his jeep to get some food for his animals.

15 K is for kitten. The children like to play with the kittens in the barn.

16 L is for land and lake. The lake is for the cows to drink out of and the ducks to swim in. The farmer has lots of land.

17 M is for milk and cow magnet. The cow swallows the magnet so the bad things that he eats doesn’t hurt him. The cow gives us milk.

18 N is for nest. The hen makes the nest so the baby chicks can be warm.

19 O is for orchard. Fruit grows on the trees in the summer in the farmer’s orchard.

20 P is for pig. The pig is playing in the mud.

21 Q is for quack. Ducks like to quack a lot in the morning. They like to eat bread that the farmer gives them.

22 R is for rooster. The rooster is crowing in the morning: “Cock-a- doodle-do!”

23 R is for rabbit. The rabbit hops in the field and lives under the farmer’s shed.

24 S is for sheep. The farmer raises lots of sheep and shears them to get wool.

25 T is for tractor. The farmer has a tractor to make work easier on the farm.

26 U is for under. A hen keeps her eggs warm in the nest under her feathers. She has just laid one egg today.

27 V is for vet. The vet takes good care of the sick animals on the farm.

28 W is for water. The farmer is watering the watermelons in the garden.

29 X is for x! Mrs. Poma puts X’s and 0’s on the chick eggs so she knows that the turner in the incubator is working.

30 Y is for yolk. The yolk is the food for the baby chick to eat while it is in the egg.

31 Z is for zipper. The farmer’s wife has a zipper on her warm, yellow coat.

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