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F EASTS AND TRADITIONS Source:, ©Lenka Lexová.

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1 F EASTS AND TRADITIONS Source:, ©Lenka Lexová

2 W HAT IS A PUBLIC HOLIDAY ? a special day when we celebrate an important historical or religious event when people have a paid day off work when schools and shops are closed public holidays are also called bank holidays in the UK and Canada ©Lenka Lexová

3 W HAT NATIONAL HOLIDAYS DO WE CELEBRATE IN THE C ZECH R EPUBLIC ? May 8 - Liberation Day, celebrating the end of German occupation during WWII in 1945 July 5 - The Day of Slavonic Apostles Cyril and Methodius July 6 Jan Hus Day when we remember the Czech church reformer who was burnt at the stake 28 September St. Wenceslas’ Day - the patron saint of the Czech Republic October 28 - Establishment of Czechoslovakia, in 1918 November 17 - student protest march in 1989 that led to the fall of communism ©Lenka Lexová

4 W HAT HOLIDAYS DO PEOPLE IN THE US AND UK CELEBRATE ? Thanksgiving in November Independence Day on July 4 bank holidays on New Year’s Day January 1 and Good Friday Christmas Day December 25 Boxing Day December 26 Halloween October 31 St. Patrick’s Day March 17, a festival important to the Irish Valentine’s Day February 14, a holiday for love Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, ©Lenka Lexová

5 T ALK ABOUT YOURSELF What is your favourite holiday and why? Are traditions still kept or are they disappearing in your country? How do you celebrate Christmas? What customs do you keep? How do we celebrate Easter in our country? How do you celbrate your birthday? ©Lenka Lexová

6 W HAT SPECIAL OCCASIONS ARE IMPORTANT TO PEOPLE IN THEIR LIVES ? a wedding, birthday, graduation, funeral, the birth of a baby, wedding anniversary class reunion are important events in one’s life graduation from high school, university 18th birthday, when I could drive ©Lenka Lexová

7 W HAT ARE SOME OF THE CUSTOMS FOR WEDDINGS ? there are many customs depending on the couple religious ceremony in a church, a civil ceremony, get married in a registry office. the bride and groom have a witness each, the maid and the best man the bride can throw her wedding bouquet, flowers to be caught by unmarried women ©Lenka Lexová



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