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Welcome to Second Grade Teachers Ms. Mason Ms. K. Lewis Ms. Singleton.

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1 Welcome to Second Grade Teachers Ms. Mason Ms. K. Lewis Ms. Singleton

2 Reading Fluency In order to comprehend your child must be able to read fluently. At the beginning of second grade your child should be able to read at least 60 words per minute. Each week the reading story is sent home with the lines in the passage numbered. Please time your child reading for one minute nightly and record their score. You should see an increase in speed each night. After the one minute is up, allow your child to finish reading the passage each night.

3 Comprehension The goal of our second grade reading program is to build fluent readers who comprehend or understand what they read. Children achieve comprehension through making connections, visualizing what they read, making predictions, asking questions, and analyzing information. Students should also be able to read a story and determine the genre, or type of story they are reading. Finally your child should be able to determine the author’s purpose, or why they wrote the story.

4 Writing The new Common Core curriculum requires children to write responses to stories that they read. They need to be able to write clearly with a topic sentence and details to support their answers. Remind children that writing is a lot like talking, you’re just putting your words on paper! At this stage spelling is important but encourage children to develop strong ideas rather than only write simple sentences using words they know how to spell.

5 Math As we move past the review phase of the second grade curriculum, the math will get much more challenging. Second graders must master the skills learned this year, because new skills are taught in third grade. All children should be fluent in math facts, this means they know the answer immediately without using their fingers or a number line. Flash cards can be purchased at many dollar stores or Wal-Mart for math practice.

6 Need to Know…. Instructional time begins promptly at 7:50. When your child is late they are missing valuable information. After 3 tardies or absences students will be referred to the office for Saturday School and/or social services. Tests are given weekly, usually on a Friday. Please make sure your child is present every Friday because when they have make up tests on Monday, they miss new information. Weekly tests will be sent home for you to review and sign and return the following day! Please use this as an opportunity to review skills your child did not master.

7 Teamwork With parents and teachers working together we can increase student acheivement and ensure your child is prepared for a successful year in third grade! Team Behrman…. Let’s get on the bus!

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