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CLC Incorporated Financial Services Division Financial Coaching and Worksite Classes for ValueOptions.

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1 CLC Incorporated Financial Services Division Financial Coaching and Worksite Classes for ValueOptions

2 2 Today we’ll talk about… CLC: A company overview Legal and financial services Worksite classes

3 3 CLC service and support for Value Options Legal and mediation referrals Financial coaching services ID theft services Worksite classes Online legal library and forms Online financial library, forms and calculators

4 4 CLC services are available to assist employees throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico with their legal and financial issues.

5 5 CLC Legal Referrals

6 6 CLC Financial Coaching Division

7 7 Employee financial problems impact employers 54% of the workforce worries about debt. 53% are dissatisfied with their finances. 34% rate their financial stress “high” to “extreme.” 66% deal with financial issues at work. 33% concede that money stress hampers their job. - Virginia Tech University research

8 8 The need for financial coaching 75% of US households do not have access to a financial advisor (Forrester). Some pension plans have been eliminated. Many employees feel they cannot afford to contribute to their retirement program. Increased medical claims due to financial stress. Low personal savings; high consumer debt.

9 9 CLC’s staff model approach Financial coaches are in-house experts. Financial coaches have various backgrounds including financial planning, banking, investments and taxes. CLC staff of “seasoned experts” average, 14 years experience in financial services.

10 10 Our most requested financial services Debt management Developing a spending plan Hardship counseling Credit report/credit score consultations Tax planning Retirement planning Education planning

11 11 Spending PlanDebt Management Financial Call Intake Flow (This information represents a sampling of the many topics CLC Financial staff can address). CLC Financial, “How may I help you?” then listen for… CSR Intake, “What can we do for you?” then listen for… Financial Issue? Yes HardshipCreditTaxEducation Planning Retirement Planning Legal Issue? Type of Financial Issue?** **These are the top 7 financial consultation topics requested. Financial consultations may cover additional topics not listed here.

12 12 Debt management How to communicate with creditors Does refinancing debt makes sense? Credit counseling services Alternatives to bankruptcy

13 13 Developing a spending plan Designing your personal spending plan Building an emergency fund Saving money on every day expenses Setting financial goals

14 14 Hardship counseling Suggesting community resources. Developing strategies for negotiating with creditors, landlords and utility companies, as needed.

15 15 Credit report/credit score consultations 79% of credit reports surveyed contained either serious errors or other mistakes. (Federation of State Public Interest Research Groups). CLC Financial coaches provide step-by-step advice regarding how to get your credit report, resolve errors and rebuild credit.

16 16 Tax planning Answers to tax questions Tax planning services Access to discounted tax preparation

17 17 Retirement planning Saving enough for retirement needs to be a key financial objective. A CLC retirement consultation provides an analysis of existing sources of retirement income, as well as the impact of taxes and inflation, estimated retirement expenses and anticipated retirement date.

18 18 Education planning The CLC college planning consultation provides an analysis of current education investments in light of future education expenses, taxes and inflation. Recommendations are made regarding additional funding needed, accounts available for education investing, as well as sources of loans and grants.

19 19 Worksite classes CLC is excited by the increasing demand for financial classes. The classes are fun and educational. Attendees leave with valuable “tools” to respond to the day-to-day challenges of managing their finances.

20 20 Financial classes are cost effective! Financial counseling and worksite classes save the employer thousands of dollars each year! Research has shown employers benefit from workers improved financial well- being through improved productivity and lower health care costs.

21 21 Did you know? By participating in financial education classes, employees on average show an increase in net worth of 18 – 20% Source: Saving and the Effectiveness of Financial Education

22 22 Financial Coaching Create and accomplish goals. Increase self-confidence and make financial decisions more easily. Get through financial road blocks and challenges. You and your partner are more likely to work together regarding finances!

23 23 “According to industry research, coaching helps people organize their increasingly complex lives, providing focus, a clear direction for setting goals, and the ability to develop meaningful action plans.” Source: “E-Coaching” by Merry Lee Olson

24 24 Thank you for your interest in CLC Incorporated.

25 25 The information presented is not to be a substitute for seeking advice specific to your situation from a legal or financial professional. If legal or financial advice is required, contact an attorney or financial advisor. The content hereof, together with any attachments, are subject to Federal and State Copyright and Trademark protections. This content may not be used, reproduced or distributed in any manner, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of CLC Incorporated.

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