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Human body, first aid Otázka č. 22. Human Body Skeletal System.

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1 Human body, first aid Otázka č. 22

2 Human Body

3 Skeletal System

4 Organs

5 First Aid People should know how to behave in various life-threatening situations and how to provide first aid. First aid can be applied to any injury or accident. What to do in an emergency: Assess Make safe Give emergency aid Get help

6 Bleeding Pressure directly on the bleeding part with a pad, clean cloth. If possible, lift the wounded part into the air. Apply a dressing and bandage firmly. Call for medical help.

7 Broken Bones A broken bone is also known as a fracture. Fractures can be closed or open. Features of broken bones: A snap of bone might have been heard by the casualty Pain at or near the fracture The casualty cannot move the part normally Tenderness, swelling and later on bruising Odd shape or strange angle

8 Broken Bone how to help Do not move the injured person. Support and steady the injured part. If it is an open fracture, cover lightly with clean dressing. Do not put pressure on it. Arrange transport to hospital.

9 Burns and Scalds Burns result from dry heat, scalding from moist or wet heat The treatment for both: Place the area under cold, slowly running water or immerse in cold water. Remove any rings, watches, tight clothing before the area starts to swell. Cover the area with any clean, non fluffy material. Seek medical help.

10 Fainting The casualty feels weak and lightheaded and falls to the ground, the pulse is slow or weak. What to do: If the casualty feels faint sit him down his head between his knees Loosen tight clothing from around his chest, neck and waist If he has fallen to the ground leave him there but raise his legs in the air Watch the airway, breathing and pulse and be prepared to resuscitate

11 Insect Stings If the sting is visible, gently remove it. Apply cold pad, surgical spirit or solution of bicarbonate of soda

12 Overcoming by heat Get the casualty out of sun Cool the casualty down If unconscious, check breathing and pulse and place in the recovery position. Seek medical help

13 the Recovery Position.

14 Choking Open the airway and remove any visible obstruction such false teeth or food. Encourage coughing Bend the casualty forwards Slap sharply between the shoulder blades up to four times If the casualty stops breathing, follow ABC of Resuscitation

15 ABC of Resuscitation To stay alive a person must have an open Airway, Breathing and Circulation. A – Airway: The airway must be open for a person to breath. B – Breathing: A person must breathe so that oxygen can pass from the lungs to the blood. C – Circulation: The heart must circulate oxygen- carrying blood through the body.

16 Resuscitation If there is pulse but no breathing Start artificial ventilation. Pinch casualty’s nose firmly. Take a deep breath and seal your lips around the casualty’s lips. Blow into his mouth watching the chest rise. Let the chest fall completely. Give about 15 breaths a minute, checking the pulse after every 15 breaths.

17 Resuscitation If there is no pulse and no breathing Phone for an ambulance, then start chest compressions combined with ventilations. Give 2 breaths artificial ventilation. Place the heel of one hand 2 fingers breadth above the junction where the ribcase meets the breastbone. Place the other hand over the top. Keeping your arms straight, press down 4-5 cms. Do this 15 times at a rate of 80 per minute. Repeat cycle { 2 breaths to 15 compressions}

18 Other serious accidents Foreign body in the eye or in the ear sunstroke Poisoning Nosebleeds And many other You have to find out the symptoms and how to help by yourselves.

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