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Air Transportation System

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1 Air Transportation System
4/13/2017 Air Transportation System 4/13/2017 Airport Infrastructures

2 Outlines of Lecture : Introduction of Air Transportation System: advantage and limitations, history, aviation kinds, organizations, etc. Airport Layouts Aircraft Characteristics Airport Design Air Traffic Systems The Pavement Design for Runway & Apron 4/13/2017

3 Transportation System
ORIGIN DESTINATION People/ Goods 4/13/2017

4 Key Function of Transportation
The basic function of transportation is to carry passengers and goods from one place to another. The economic development of the nation links its direct benefits with the efficient system of transportation. 4/13/2017

5 Advantages of the air transport
Rapidity Continuous Journey Accessibility 4/13/2017

6 Few Limitations of the air transport
Operating Expenses Capacity Weather Conditions Flight Rules 4/13/2017

7 History of Air Transport
The study of the air transport was started 13th century. Dec, 17th,1903 the brothers Wright made the first successful flight in the world. The first international air service started on 1916 from Toulouse to Barcelona. The first jet flight was made on August 27th, 1939. 4/13/2017

8 History of Air Transport
In Indonesia, the story began from the “Seulawah” aircraft that was the Aceh people donated that aircraft. It landed at Ragoon airport to start the commercial charter operations on January, 26th, 1949. Nowadays, Indonesia operates more than 20 aviation companies that service the flight schedule for all parts of Indonesia regions. 4/13/2017

9 3 Kinds of Aviations General Aviation Military Aviation
Commercial Aviation 4/13/2017

10 General Aviation Business Flying Commercial Flying
Instructional Flying Personal Flying 4/13/2017

11 Military Aviation Military aviation is the term used to designate flying done for military aviation. The aircraft is designed to maintain very high speed, the ability to climb rapidly with as large angle as possible, the light weight capacity, maneuverability and is governed entirely by its fighting efficiently with the effective armament. 4/13/2017

12 Commercial Aviation The focus of the aviation are payload, capacity, speed, passenger comfort and safety. The passenger comfort is one of the most important thinks from a commercial point of few. 4/13/2017

13 Some Differences between Military and Civil Aircraft
Military aircraft is governed entirely by its fighting efficiency while the civil is designed to pay commercially. The civil aircraft is designed for low running and maintenance cost. The commercial aircraft is required is able to service passengers in comfortable design of aircraft. 4/13/2017

14 Organization ICAO, International Civil Aviation Organization
FAA, Federation Aviation Administration CAB, Civil Aeronautics Board NTSB, the National Transportation Safety Board 4/13/2017

15 Aircraft for Some Generations

16 4/13/2017

17 4/13/2017

18 4/13/2017

19 4/13/2017

20 4/13/2017

21 4/13/2017

22 4/13/2017

23 4/13/2017

24 4/13/2017

25 4/13/2017

26 4/13/2017

27 4/13/2017

28 4/13/2017

29 4/13/2017

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