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Jeopardy BucketsBulliesKelso Peer Pressure Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy Communication.

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1 Jeopardy BucketsBulliesKelso Peer Pressure Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy Communication

2 $100 Question from Buckets A person who does nice things for others and helps others. They make you feel great about yourself and situations.

3 $100 Answer from Buckets What is a BUCKET FILLER!!!

4 $200 Question from Buckets A person who is very negative and makes you feel bad about a choice you have made. They can be mean and disrespectful.

5 $200 Answer from Buckets Who is a BUCKET DIPPER!!!!

6 $300 Question from Buckets I am a Bucket Filler for my teacher when I…..

7 $300 Answer from Buckets What is…… Listen and Follow Directions Complete my work Try my best Use my manners Work well in a group Keep my area neat ETC……

8 $400 Question from Buckets I am a Bucket Dipper to my friends and classmates when I …..

9 $400 Answer from Buckets What is…. Make fun of my friends and classmates Leave someone out of a game or activity Try to boss someone around Talk / interrupt while the teacher is talking Talk/interrupt while others are talking Poor manners Show my anger by yelling, throwing things or pushing Take something that does not belong to me Talk about or write about others when they aren’t around ETC…..

10 $500 Question from Buckets This is how I handle a BUCKET DIPPER

11 $500 Answer from Buckets What is…. Walk Away Talk to an adult Ignore them Talk to the Bucket Dipper- SEND THEM AN “I” MESSAGE ETC….

12 $100 Question from Bullies The Definition of a BULLY

13 $100 Answer from Bullies A disrespectful person who makes another person feel bad or bosses them or makes fun/ teases them around over and over and over again.

14 $200 Question from Bullies ___________ can be BULLIES.

15 $200 Answer from Bullies Who is…. ANYONE and EVERYONE

16 $300 Question from Bullies TRUE OR FALSE A bully is always an older kid you don’t know very well and is usually a boy.

17 $300 Answer from Bullies FALSE A bully can be anyone. Most often, it is a close friend.

18 $400 Question from Bullies An example of a bully behavior

19 $400 Answer from Bullies What is…. Pushing, shoving… Disrespectful language Leaving someone out of a game or activity Making fun/ teasing another person Not sharing Bossiness Eye rolling ETC….

20 $500 Question from Bullies Susie is very close to achieving her AR goal. During reading class, Benny is talking to his friend Sal about how Susie is a ‘nerd’ because she reads all the time and has no friends. Benny tells Sal to throw crumpled up paper at Susie. The bully is_________, the victim is __________ and the bystander is _________.

21 $500 Answer from Bullies The bully is BENNY The victim is SUSIE The bystander is SAL

22 $100 Question from Kelso Kelso is what type of animal

23 $100 Answer from Kelso What is…. A FROG

24 $200 Question from Kelso The difference between the two types of problems for Kelso’s Choices are…..

25 $200 Answer from Kelso Small problems are everyday problems that are annoying, frustrating, aggravating and sometimes silly. Small problems can be solved using Kelso’s Choice Wheel BIG problems don’t happen as often and are scary, dangerous, worrisome or threatening. If you have a BIG problem, find an adult immediately for help.

26 $300 Question from Kelso Your friend is not sharing the crayons during the group activity. Is this a big or small problem and what do you do?

27 $300 Answer from Kelso Small Problem Share and Take turns Talk it Out …

28 $400 Question from Kelso Your classmate is talking rudely about the teacher during recess. Is this a big or small problem? What should you do?

29 $400 Answer from Kelso Small problem Ignore Walk Away Talk it out Tell them to stop

30 $500 Question from Kelso You overhear two students talking on the bus about beating up another student when they see them in the morning at school. Is this a big or small problem? What should you do?

31 $500 Answer from Kelso BIG Problem This is a threat! You should tell an adult immediately. In this case, tell the bus driver or monitor immediately. Also, report again to an adult as soon as you get to school the next morning.

32 $100 Question from Communication The definition of communication

33 $100 Answer from Communication The act of sharing one’s thoughts, feelings, ideas and information with another.

34 $200 Question from Communication The four types of communication we discussed.

35 $200 Answer from Communication Verbal Nonverbal Written Visual

36 $300 Question from Communciation Examples of VERBAL communication that you use at school

37 $300 Answer from Communication Talking, singing, noises…..

38 $400 Question from Communication Written and Visual communication are which type of communication? (Verbal or Nonverbal?)

39 $400 Answer from Communication Nonverbal (Not using voice)

40 $500 Question from Communication Examples of how you communicate to your teacher at school

41 $500 Answer from Communication Verbal- speaking/ answering questions Nonverbal- Nodding head, pointing Written- homework/ classwork/ assignments Visual- products of assignments: charts, graphs, sketches, artwork, etc….

42 $100 Question from Peer Pressure Definition of peer pressure

43 $100 Answer from Peer Pressure When your friend/ classmate pressures or persuades you to do something you really don’t agree with or want to do

44 $200 Question from Peer Pressure True or False Peer Pressure is always when someone persuades you to do something bad

45 $200 Answer from Peer Pressure FALSE

46 $300 Question from Peer Pressure My peers are……

47 $300 Answer from Peer Pressure My friends, classmates, bus mates, cousins, etc. that are close to my age that I hang out with and see regularly

48 $400 Question from Peer Pressure When I feel pressured by my peers, I can……

49 $400 Answer from Peer Pressure Stand my ground- Say NO Walk Away Talk to an adult Etc….

50 $500 Question from Peer Pressure A time I felt peer pressure was when I……

51 $500 Answer from Peer Pressure Was bossed into a decision during a group activity felt left out because I wasn’t participating in an activity Didn’t have the same ‘stuff’ as other friends Etc….

52 Final Jeopardy Who is your school counselor? What is her name, where and when do you see her and what are her goals for you?

53 Final Jeopardy Answer Mrs. Sexton In the library every other week on your scheduled day To become ‘bucket fillers’ and to learn to solve your own problems.

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