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We are Bucket Fillers at Bristow Run!

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1 We are Bucket Fillers at Bristow Run!

2 Be a Bucket Filler!

3 Buckets Everyone has an invisible bucket. Our bucket holds our good thoughts and feelings. Our bucket is constantly being emptied and filled, depending on what others say and do.

4 How do we feel when…… Our buckets are full? Happy, excited!
Our buckets are empty? Sad, lonely.

5 What is a bucket filler? You need other people to fill your bucket and other people need you to fill theirs. You fill a bucket when you say something nice or kind to someone and even when you smile. This is called being a bucket filler.


Inviting someone who is alone to join your game Avoiding saying unkind things Stopping bullies from hurting others Helping someone who is having a hard time Telling someone that you care about them Smiling at someone who looks sad or lonely

8 Ways to fill a bucket Have good character!

9 What is a bucket dipper? You can also dip into a bucket and take out someone’s good feelings by doing and saying mean and hurtful things. This is called being a bucket dipper. You can never fill your own bucket by dumping into someone else’s.

10 Don’t be a Bucket Dipper. I don’t like you! I hate you!
You’re not my friend. You can’t play with us. Go away.

11 Say ,I don’t like that please STOP.
3. Use your lid. Ignore, Say ,I don’t like that please STOP. Think Positive!

12 Please leave my friend alone.
Be a Bucket Filler. Can I help you? Mom I put out the trash without being asked! Please leave my friend alone. Your coloring is great! You are nice! I like your shirt.

13 Ways to fill the buckets in the cafeteria
Tell cafeteria staff thank you for cooking the food everyday Saying please and thank you Cleaning up your mess Tell cafeteria staff how good the food is Hands and feet to self Use kind words with friends Use inside/quiet voices when talking

14 Ways to fill your classmates’ bucket
Smile Be kind Play with them Say nice things to them Sit with them at lunch Listen to them when the have a problem

15 Ways to fill buckets at home
Listen to your parents Be nice to your brother or sister Do nice things for your parents Tell your parents about your day Thank your parents for all that they do for you

16 Ways to fill your teacher’s bucket
Listen Study Follow the school rules Ask for help

17 Ways to fill your bus driver’s/crossing guard’s bucket
Thank your driver for taking you home and to school Be kind Smile Stay in your seat Tell your driver to have a nice day Keep hands/feet to self Thank you crossing guard for helping you

18 Bucket Filling Song

19 Can you do it?

20 Bucket Filling Ideas Give a high five (gently)
Listen when someone else is talking Make a gift Give a compliment Invite someone to play with you Smile Thank someone Say hello

21 Bucket fillers may have their name announced on the announcements and get to have the panthers on their desk. You may also have the chance to eat lunch with the staff member of your choice!

22 ____________________________ Name
______________________________ (Tear here) ____________________________ Name Filled someone’s bucket today by____________ ___________________ ____________________ _____________________ Given By

23 Are you ready? At the end of the day, ask yourself “ Have I filled someone’s Bucket?” Start practicing today with everyone you meet. When you fill someone else’s bucket, you also fill your own. TODAY

24 We are Bucket Fillers at Bristow Run Elementary

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