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Ideal Information Center How could we best access information?

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1 Ideal Information Center How could we best access information?

2 What is information?  n. an ordered sequence of symbols that record or transmit a message  v. (to inform) to give form to the mind, to instruct, to teach, to discipline

3  The earliest information was in the form of cave painting…  which evolved into writing. While cave drawings were meant primarily to record events, writing was used to communicate and share ideas.

4  Writings were compiled into books, which were handwritten and copied by priests and monks.  Since most of the books were produced by the religious, they could control what was being read.

5  This all changed when Johannes Gutenberg created the printing press, which allowed books to be mass produced.

6  Naturally, the religious were not happy that they had lost control of what people could read. Many men whose ideas were deemed too controversial could now influence more and more people.  The circulation of books and other texts paved the way for revolution.

7 Fast forward to

8  With computers and the internet, information can be accessed anywhere and anytime.  The problem for your generation is not having too little information, but too much!

9 Think About:  What are the difficulties that you as students face when accessing information? What about your generation in general?  How would you address these concerns? What kind of information center would equal efficient and effective research?

10 The Ideal Information Center  In your groups, talk about how you access information.  Brainstorm ideas about how IDEALLY one should be able to access information.  Create an Ideal Information Center based on your ideas. Is it housed in a building? What does it look like? Why have you chosen specific things to focus on?  Be ready to present your Ideal Information Center next class with visual aids. (No need to cite for THIS project.)

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